Oct 082015

Mudra Loan in SBI Bank with Aadhar Only

Mudra Yojana made a gala screen entry in market and Supreme Court has been again and again repeating the same thing – “those who are looking for Mudra Loan do not need to provide Aadhar Card”. However, SBI seems to have turned deaf ears to Supreme Court’s mandate.

A unique case of SBI refusing Mudra Loan without Aadhar Card has come forward. Vidyaranyapura’s resident, AM Muthillath, aged 36, applied for Mudra Loan in order to support his garments business. He approached Jalahalli %East branch of State Bank of India. Unfortunately, the bank blatantly declined his application for the Mudra Loan citing the reason that he did not have his Aadhar Card number. Muthillath provided alternative documents which are very much accepted everywhere in India as valid documents of identity but the bank was not happy with those documents.

Mudra Loan in SBI Bank with Aadhar Only

Muthillath had applied for Shishu Loan under Mudra Scheme. In other words, he asked for 50,000 rupees of assistance with an interest rate of 1%. Muthillath is also the owner of an NGO known as Sarvajana Bharat. When asked about his experience, Muthillath said that SBI directly violated Supreme Court’s ruling by making Aadhar Card a mandatory requirement for Mudra Loan.

In response, Rajni Mishra was approached by reporters asking about the issue faced by Muthillath. To this, Rajni Mishra, who is CGM (Chief General Manager) of Bengaluru Circle of SBI said that according to Union Ministry, Aadhar Card is mandatory and that the bank is only making sure that the rules laid out by the Union Minister are followed by the bank.

Grahak Shakti’s managing trustee, Somashekar VK stated that SBI made a blunder because it is still not mandatory to link Aadhar Card with any public service in India. Grahak Shakti is a forum for consumers’ rights. According to Somashekar VK, the government is actually violating the mandate of Supreme Court of India. He stated that people who are being turned down by the bank because they don’t have Aadhar Card can get a written statement from the bank authorities and take the statement directly to the court and that Grahak Shakti will provide all the support that is required for the legal procedure.

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