Apr 162015

AADHAAR card changes online 

Sometimes when you come across your UID, you see some mistakes in your personal details. Since AADHAAR card is being used everywhere in India as a proof of identity, it has become necessary to have correct details on your AADHAAR card.

If you are facing this situation, you can have your details corrected easily. It can be done through a correction/change application form that is available both online and on the AADHAAR card center. To save all your time and effort, online alternative is better.

In order to change/correct your name, address, gender, phone and date of birth, an online application form is available online in English and other regional languages as well. For all other changes/corrections, you have to visit the AADHAAR card center by yourself.

If you are willing to do it through the AADHAAR card enrollment center, you can search for the one in your locality by clicking on following link:


For the rest of the people who are interested in doing so through online through a self service update portal, click on the following link:


For this, you must have access to the registered mobile number. It is required, as a one-time password will be sent to the registered mobile number. For the required update, you need to upload a soft copy of the proof document. The proof copy must be undersigned by the applicant himself/herself.

If you want to change or correct your name, you need a proof of identity. For address changes, you need proof of address. In order to change date of birth, DOB proof document is required. You have to fill the application form in two languages (English and your regional language). Once you are finished with the form submission, a request number will be issued. This number can be used for checking status of the updated card and other future references.

The information submitted by you will be validates and confirmed by a UIDAI official/representative. Once the process of validation is complete, the changes will be shown to your AADHAAR card. You will be sent a confirmation call for communicating the same.

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