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In this article we are providing details on how to get aadhaar card for NRI. Aadhar Card, formerly known as Unique Identification Card or UID is a mandatory document required for all Indian citizens.  With the government’s fresh decision, Aadhar card would also be made for NRI (Non Resident Indians) living abroad.  This card would work as a proof of national identity and will have a sixteen digit unique number for every individual.

aadhaar card for nri

Non Resident Indians (NRI) have a strong connection with their native country and have a larger role in contributing to the country’s social and economic growth.  The special provision in Aadhar makes them an integral part of the national system.  Aadhar system would bring in all NRIs to the centralized database.  The data would include demographic, biometric and other possible information of the individual that would help identify those individual uniquely. We will provide the details on how to get aadhar card for NRI.

Process to get Aadhar card for NRI

Documents required:  there are a number of documents required to apply Aadhar card for NRI.  Below is the list of documents required to get aadhaar card for NRI

  • proof of birth
  • proof of schooling if applying for child
  • relevant photo identity
  • proof verifying NRI’s connection with the resident country like Green Card, etc

Some other documents may also be asked by the concerned officials, as the case may be, depending on the resident’s country.

Biometric Scanning:  as in the case with normal Indian citizens applying for Aadhar card, the NRI Aadhar card would require the applicant to go through biometric scanning for creation of unique identity.  It is noteworthy that no two people can have the same biometric finger prints as same and thus this is of utmost importance.  The applicant would also have to undergo scanning of their Iris as well as get a photo clicked by the officials through the web camera.

To sum it up, Aadhaar card to NRIs is a noble move by the government to bring those Indians living abroad back to their roots and help them keep connected to their native country.  Moreover, this way, government can also track down any illegal activity, criminal or financial, that had been taking place in the form of Non Resident Indians status and thus safeguard the country’s security altogether.

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