Aug 202018

Aadhar Card Form in Hindi

AADHAAR Card application form is distributed for free of cost at various application centres. It can also be photocopied as there is no particular serial number on the form. There are online links available at different websites to download the AADHAAR Card application form. Online links saves time.

The application form is just one page long. Only basic demographic information needs to be entered. There should be no error when filling the form. When the form is submitted an acknowledgement receipt is issued to each applicant.

Steps that needs to be followed to fill the form:-

  • Download online /photocopy/collect the form from various application centres.
  • Fill in the basic details as per your other official documents like birth certificate, domicile certificate etc. The form is simple to understand except for some fields that needs additional details and needs to be filled with caution as mentioned below:-
    • NPR (National Population Register) Number:

This is not a compulsory field in most states of India. However, in some states this is a mandatory requirement. For eg. In Tamil Nadu, AADHAR is issued only as per the Census Survey after the NRP slip is shown at the center by the applicant.

  • DOB/AGE:

For most of the rural population, D.O.B/AGE is not known by the applicant. In such cases, fill in the approximate years of age and tick on the “Declared” checkbox.

For others who have an official document that shows the correct D.O.B, fill in the date and tick on the “Verified” checkbox.

  • Minors
    Children below the age of 5 needs to mention details of their any one parent or guardian along with their EID number. In addition, if the child does not have any identity proof then EID / AADHAAR number of the Head of the Family needs to be mentioned on the application form.
  • Submit the application form at the application centre along with supported documents.
  • An acknowledgement receipt will be issued.
  • Keep a track of the AADHAR card dispatch via phone or online.
  • The card will be received by Post to your home address.

Note: if there are any mistakes in the card it needs to be rectified within 96 hours. Simply fill in the same AADHAAR Card form in Hindi and submit it to the AADHAAR Card application center. It can also be posted.

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