Apr 102015

 Aadhaar card form in Kannada

For the convenience of the regional people, UIDAI has come up with a provision of AADHAAR card form in regional languages along with English. For the people belonging to Karnataka, the application form for AADHAAR card is available in Kannada language. This form is available in the application center and on Internet as well for free.

If you are not willing to walk up to the enrollment center, you just go to the following link:


On this page, the application form is available in both English and Kannada.

You can directly download the form from the following link:


Instructions for filling up the above form are available on the following link:


The application form is only 1 page long. The form requires only some basic details. For future reference, a reference slip will be provided at the time of enrollment. If you have entered any wrong information, you can ask for the corrections within next 96 hours. Duly fill the application form as per the instructions and submit it to the enrollment center.

In NPR section, fill the national population registration number. For the residents of Karnataka, field 2 may be optional. For further information read the instructions carefully. In Age section, check the box “Verified” if there is some proof available for date of birth. If there is no such proof available, you can check “declared” box. In field number 7,for small children below age 5, enter the EID details of either of the parents. It is optional for adults.

In the end, select the verification type. Check document based, if there are document proofs available. In case no such proofs are available, you can select other two options. It will only require EID details of the introducer or head of the family.

In case you have checked the option “Verified” previously, provide the proof document of the date of birth. Lastly, a simple signature of the introducer is required. When all the fields are duly filled, you have to put your signatures in the end of the document.

Do not forget to mention, the document type as the proof in the form. If you want application form for more than one person, you can Xerox the downloaded form to get its copies.

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