Apr 162015

AADHAAR card form in Punjabi 

In order to bring about changes in AADHAAR card, you must have to fill the form in both English and one regional language. Like for other states, UIDAI has provided the provision of filling the form in Punjabi language also. These application forms are available free of cost on all the AADHAAR card enrollment centers. For Internet users, these forms are available online too.

Filling this form is a short procedure as only one page is required to be filled. If you have entered the data incorrectly, you can change that within 96 hours of filing the application form. The online application form comes with an attached page of instructions. Follow the instructions carefully while filling the form. The documents required to fill up the form is also given in the application form. Only basic details and particulars are required to be filled.

The application form can be downloaded from following link:


In NPR section, fill the national population registration number. Fill the form with updated information only. Do not put nay information in the form that is no longer valid. For the residents of Punjab and Chandigarh, field 2 may be optional. For further information read the instructions carefully. The detailed instructions for filling the form in Punjabi are available at following url:


Write complete updated address. This will be required, as the new AADHAR card will be sent to the given address only.

Field 9 is also optional as it is concerned with your bank details. You can link your existing bank account to the AADHAAR card or you can open a new bank account linked to your AADHAAR card.

The applicant must be available on the given mobile number so that the communication can be done on for any clarification. Also the updates regarding the status of the AADHAR card will be sent through the SMS to the given mobile number. Even in case of mobile number update the information will be sent to the given mobile number.

Only submitting this form does not confirm the update of AADHAR card. This will require confirmation/verification and validation of the information provided. Do not forget to write your original AADHAR card number on top of all documents clearly.

You can have as many copies of the application form as possible, if you need more forms. The duly filled form can be sent to the regional UIDAI office in Chandigarh.

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