May 122017

Aadhaar Card in place of PIN/Password

At first people know that aadhaar card is the main identification of a man that proved he is Indian. But the aadhaar number is become an alternative for all online and card transactions, that has based on pin and password. The prime minister wants to make the digital India. As a result India became a modern country like another progressive country. Shopkeepers, merchants, individuals every person can use this system and they can improve the mobile app through this transactions.

This system can keep the Indian economy honestly and clearly. This movement launched by Niti Aayog, who wants to make the cashless economy. Government is working on a very good policy to reduce the cash transactions and facility digital payments.

Facilities the government is planning to extract from Aadhaar card

These are some of the facilities that the government has allowed for the Aadhaar card holder. These facilities are mentioned in the points given below:

  • Government is planning to introduce the mobile application and through this particular application one can make the payment through the mobile application.
  • It is difficult for the people to remember their account number as well as aadhaar number. With the introduction of the aadhaar with the bank accounts, it became effective for the citizens of India to remember their identity number as well as account number at a single go.
  • Using Aadhaar card you don’t need to have the credit and debit cards. Therefore handling number cards can proved to sometimes a hectic job but handling one card for several purposes can be very useful. It will also allow every people to transact through the card which can make a cashless India.
  • Using the aadhaar card you can also have the attendance marking. The biometric facility allows you to have effective marking of the attendance and thereby no chances for proxy which can effect in the development of the nation.
  • It has been provided by the government that rupees one hundred will provided to every merchants so that they can enroll their names to the digital platform and therefore the country have better platform with the application of the technology.

Objective of the movement:

The movement was taken to drain out the black money from the Indian economy. There are a lot of people who are transacting cash in high volume that are not legal. With this movement the government will allow everyone to go cashless. Many parts of the nation still do not have bank facilities or the people living there do not have ATM cards and so. Now through the Aadhaar Card number they can easily make transactions.


With such application the government has forced the people to avoid storing the wealth. Thus people cannot store the black money within the wealth. The step is useful and can help the nation to be free from the black money. The movement that government has taken under Niti Ayog will help drain out the black money from the system.

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