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List of Aadhaar Card Jalgaon Maharastra Enrollment Centre

SNOCentre SummaryContact PersonMobile No.
1Maha e Seva Kendra, Main Road, Wani Galli,, At post Nagardeola, Pachora, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, Pachora, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 424104Umesh Vilas Nagardeolekar9960423774
2Maha e Seva Kendra, A/P Sakegaon, Bhusawal, Jalgaon, Bhusawal, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425201Ganesh Liladhar Bhole9970027940
3Maha E Seva Kendra, A/P Neri BK, Jamner, District Jalgaon, Jamner, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425114Sachin Vijay Shelke9404593117
4Maha E Seva Kendra, Varangaon badhe complex near bus stand Near Star Computer station road Tal-Bhusawal , District Jalgaon, Bhusawal, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425305Savita Deepak Wankhade9421038676
5Maha E Seva Kendra, JAMNER Near Geetaba Arts commerce science college Tal-Jamner Dist-Jalgaon Pin-424206, Jamner, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 424206Nilesh Mukundrao Patil9802202278
6Maha E Seva Kendra, Station Road Near Tahsil Parisar Chalisgaon Dist-Jalgaon 424101, Bhadgaon, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 424101Amol Ramesh Deshmukh8055171719
7Maha E Seva Kendra, Hated Bk Tal-Chopda Dist-Jalgaon 425107, Chopda, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425107PANKAJ CHANDRATEJ KOLI8805590115
8Maha E Seva Kendra, Tal- Chopda Dist-Jalgaon 425107 , Chopda, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425107Manoj Muralidhar Patil9028160312
9Maha e-seva Kendra, Varad computer, pachora-Jamner road,Varkhedi,Tal, Pachora Dist - Jalgaon Pin-424202 , Pachora, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 424202Pravin Nimbaji Mahale9011011846
10Maha e-seva Kendra, Mahajan Wada A/p Chinawal Tal-Raver Dist-Jalgaon Pin-425505 , Raver, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425505Nilesh Dhanaji Nimade9421522583
11Maha e-seva kendra, Waghode Bk Tal-Raver Dist-Jalgaon 425502 , Raver, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425502Swapnil Shantaram Pawar9420114166
12Maha E Seva Kendra, Syscom Computer Near SBI ATM/Bank Bhade Sir Complex Bhadgaon Tal-Bhadgaon Dist-Jalgaon 424105, Bhadgaon, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 424105Vikas Ananda Mahajan9960388581
13Maha e Seva Kendra Adgaon, Near Vitthal Mandir Sudarshan Medical Adgaon Adgaon Tal-Erandol Dist-Jalgaon 425110, Erandol, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425110Rishikesh Gulabrao Patil7387459658
14Maha e Seva Kendra Nimkhedi, A/p Nimkhedi Tal-Muktainagar Dist-Jalgaon Pin-425306, Bhusawal, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425306Kalpesh Varade7798343001
15Maha E Seva Kendra, Chahardi Tal-Chopda Dist-Jalgaon 425434, Chopda, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425107Bhushan Ramakrishna Patil8055819444
16Maha E Seva Kendra, A/P Kingaon Yawal Taluka, Yawal, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425301Nilesh Pitamber Zambre9975979925
17Maha E Seva Kendra, Sambai Chowk , Kalamsara, Pachora, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 424201Ravindra Prabhakar Chowdari9763793555
18Maha E Seva Kendra, A/P Bhadli BK, Taluka Jalgaon, District jalgaon, Jalgaon, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425102Vinayak Bhagwat Sonavane8408890888
19Maha e-seva kendra, Ambedkar Putla Shopping Complex Dharangaon Dist-Jalgaon 425105 , Dharangaon, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425104Kiran Nemilal Marathe9158956791
20Maha E seva Kendra, Bhusawal Tal-Bhusawal Dist-Jalgaon 425201 ., Bhusawal, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425201Abdul Waheed Abdul Nabi Deshpande9271392591
21Maha E Seva Kendra, Bhusawal Tal-Bhusawal Dist-Jalgaon 425201 , Bhusawal, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425201ABDUL WAHEED ABDUL NABI DESHPANDE9271392591
22Maha E Seva Kendra Bhadgaon, Bhadgaon, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 424105Vikas Ananda Mahajan8600060868
23Maha E Seva Kendra, Amalner Tal-Amalner Dist-Jalgaon, Amalner, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425401Amol Dusane8177934012
24Maha E Seva Kendra Jalgaon, Jalgaon, Jalgaon, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425001ANIL PANDIT DESHMUKH8180030099
25Maha E Seva Kendra, MJ college road, Bhaskar Market shop no 73, Jalgaon, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425003Dinesh Eshwar Jadhav8888875946
26Maha E Seva Kendra, Near BSNL Office, 43 Ambedkar Market, Jalgaon, Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425003Pradeep Vasant Vaidya9422277722

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