Apr 102015

Aadhaar card Name change/correction online

Updating AADHAAR card in context to name is made hassle free through online services. The name change may be required in case of bride’s name after marriage. This is also applicable if any mistake is cited in original AADHAAR card issued.

In such scenario, you may go to the enrollment center and get an application form that requires filling in order to update the AADHAAR card details. This form is also available online. For downloading the form, click on the following link:


For updating the information online, you must have access to mobile number, you have previously provided during initial enrollment. A one-time password will be generated during the procedure that will be sent to the registered mobile number.

In case you do not have access to the same, you can just download the form and send it through post.

This application form provides the option for changing/correcting the following information:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Mobile number

In order to change any other detail in the original UID, you have to go to the allotted center to get the application form. This form will provide you the option of filling the form in both English and other regional language. Providing a mobile number is mandatory for future references.

In order to change the Name, you have to provide a proof of identity in the form of document. Do not forget to write your AADHAAR card number clearly on top of the attached proof document. The attached document must be self-attested. The application form must be duly filled in capital letters only.

The form along with the proof document must be placed in an envelop with “AADHAAR card update/correction” at top of it. You have to send this envelop to one of the following addresses. For the validation and verification, a UIDAI representative will contact you. Once everything is verified, the changes will be brought in your AADHAAR card. The information regarding the update will be provided to you from the main office. The addresses for communication as per the regional language are given below link

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