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Aadhaar card Mandatory for Getting Death Certificate

Bank account, LPG connection, Railway ticketing, income tax department and now death certificate – aadhaar card seems to be mandatory in every step an Indian citizen will take. In a recent meeting the home ministry has declared that one must submit the aadhaar number of the deceased at the time of issuing death certificate. If there is no aadhaar number, then the family members or the friends have to prove that the deceased had no aadhaar number.

Aadhaar card Mandatory for Getting Death Certificate

Mandatory Aadhaar Card Linkage with Death Registration

As mentioned that the central government is keen to make aadhaar card as the sole identity proof of every Indian citizen, the unique number written on the aadhaar will be one mandatory link for all the activities.

In recent times the income tax department of India has declared that tax payers can now link PAN with Aadhaar to file their ITR. After IT department now the home ministry has made aadhaar number mandatory for issuing death certificate as well across the nation.

States in which Aadhaar is mandatory:

Apart from Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and Meghalaya all the states in the nation will have this provision. The family relatives or friends of the deceased person will have to submit the aadhaar number of the deceased person to issue the death certificate.

Date of Launch and Date of Implementation

Home Ministry has announced about this rule on 4th of August 2017, Friday in a closed door meeting. The provision will start operating from 1st of October 2017. Anyone who will be deceased after the mentioned date will have to follow this rule.

Need for this aadhaar linkage

  • As per the central government authority aadhaar is being linked with every possible thing to track any person through aadhaar number. It not only helps to find a fake ID but also help the authority to record the details of each citizen of the nation.
  • Linking aadhaar with death certificate is no different from this objective. The reason behind submitting aadhaar of the deceased person is that it will help the authority to record the details of the deceased as well as no fake or fraudulent activity will take place.
  • Death certificate issuing needs a lot of documents and papers of the deceased to prove his/her identity in India. The authority says, with this aadhaar linkage it will be much easier to track the details of the deceased person.


Aadhaar has become a mandatory document in everywhere today. It has been declared that bank account holders must link their aadhaar before 31st of December 2017. If failed, then the accounts will be ceased. With this rule, the government has made aadhaar more important document for an Indian.

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