IRCTC Makes Aadhar Card Compulsory For Booking Train Tickets | Link Aadhar Card with IRCTC


IRCTC Makes Aadhar Card Compulsory For Booking Train Tickets | Link Aadhar Card with IRCTC

Indian Railways has taken a very important decision of making Aadhar card mandatory for train tickets throughout the country. As per reports of Indian Railways, the new regulations regarding Aadhar card linking with railway reservation will come to effect from the month of December, 2016. Aadhar card is going to be a mandatory document for booking railway tickets after the regulation comes to effect. Hence, those passengers who do not hold a valid Aadhar card till date will have to compulsorily apply for Aadhar card to book reserved as well as unreserved tickets. Indian Railways will make use of Aadhar details to make a centralized database of passengers and disburse insurance and concession benefits, fairly.

 Link Aadhar Card with IRCTC

Aadhar ecosystem getting bigger

With the successful linking of Aadhar cards with LPG service, Passport service, etc., the Govt. has now shifted its focus on railway ticketing and booking. The central govt. has adopted a policy of bringing the Indian residents under one Aadhar ecosystem. Thus, all govt. services will be provided through it. Indian Railways will provide both reserved as well as unreserved ticker, only if passenger will possess a valid Aadhar card. With this new policy, all those who still do not have Aadhar card will be bound to apply and get registered. According to latest data, almost 96 per cent Indians have Aadhar cards. At present, the Aadhar linking process by Indian Railways is on full swing and the project will be accomplished by December 2016.

Fair concession grant to passengers

After the linking of Aadhar cards, the Indian Railways will have a reconstructed database of passengers with all verified details and documentation. This will result to dispatch the railway ticket and service concessions to the deserved passengers. At present, there are several instances of fraud reported, mostly regarding passengers misusing age concessions or other noted concessions which they are not eligible of. With the linking of Aadhar, these elements will be eliminated and more transparent system can be achieved.

Barring unauthorized touts

Indian Railways has been long fighting the menace of illegal touts and agents. Several steps to eliminate their unfair misdeeds were taken but none gave desired results. So linking Aadhar with passengers’ database will bring Indian Railways one step closer to have a transparent railway booking system. Thus, the illegal touts will not be able to book railway tickets using fake IDs and names.

Travel insurance for all Indian Railway passengers

Travel insurance is one of the most important necessities of every railway passenger. However, till now, only those railway passengers who booked their tickets through online booking system were benefited with the travel insurance. Those passengers who booked their railway tickets through offline system as well as those travelling with unreserved tickets did not get any travel insurance facility. But with Aadhar linking, Indian Railways has promised to provide travel insurance benefits to all railway passengers. The Indian Railways has launched the insurance facility from 1st September, 2016 and by far a total of 27 lakh passengers have got availed this facility.

Sl. No. Attributes Related Data
1 Name of scheme Aadhar linking with Indian Railways
2 Project deadline December 2016
3 Date of start of travel insurance 1st September, 2016
4 Passengers availing insurance facility so far 27 lakh
5 Present insurance charge per travel 92 paisa
6 Expected insurance charge per travel after Aadhar linking 10 – 50 paisa

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