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Aadhar card linked smartphones with instant authentication messages for government services

Well it cannot be denied that Aadhar card is one of the most important sources of identification at present and as we all are aware that smartphones are the commonest things that can be seen in almost every individual’s hand. In such a scenario, the government of India has decided to take up a really interesting step for implementing the benefit of instant authentication messages within smartphones linked with Aadhar card. And how is that going to be implemented? Though this scenario looks like a complete science fiction movie but in this article we are going to discuss about the linking of Aadhar card with smartphone for instant authentication messages for government services.

Aadhar card linked smartphones

How will it work?

So basically what will be happening is any individual with a smartphone shall show the device at the pension office for the Aadhar authentication. A software is going to read the data and fingerprint of that individual and that data will be sent to the Aadhar server and that’s it. The pension amount shall be credited to the account of the individual. Now this is going to make the work a lot easier wouldn’t it?

This is what exactly UIDAI has to state about the Aadhar authentication and linkage with smartphone. According to the statement of UIDAI, “your smartphone is going to be a one stop gadget for the instant identity authentication. And this will also allow you to receive all the government services which work on Aadhar platforms. This will reduce the time consumed to access services through Aadhar card drastically.

The meetings and discussions

From the meeting that took place along with the CEO of UIDAI and the various smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung, it can be expected that this process of Aadhar linkage shall be activated really soon. There have been discussions by the smartphone developing companies and the government of Indian for the ways of making this Aadhar authentication possible for the majority of people. The new smartphones that can be specifically used for Aadhar authentication purpose will have the UIDAI key encrypted and these smartphones shall be linked with the Aadhar servers. And this is why the main concern in this process is the prevention of information leakage. This is why the server connections comprise of instant authentication through fingerprint and iris scanner.

A proud moment for India

If this dream process can be implemented successfully then this can be the game changer. This will make the smartphones, the real identity of any individual and they will be able to make more transactions in a secured manner. At the same time, if this is implemented in India, then this is going to be the first time something like this has been implemented in not only in India but all over the world. According to the reports of UIDAI, the encryption of biometric information shall be done extremely securely and it will be done at the chip level within the smartphones. This is why it will be absolutely impossible for anyone to check out the information. Not even professional hackers!

Ease of work efficiency

At present it has been found that more than 100 crore population has been using the Aadhar card and speaking of smartphones, almost 40 crore population all over India has a smartphone for their daily usage. In such a scenario, it will be really effective for both the smartphone companies and Aadhar card users if the monetary transactions can be done through this Aadhar authentication system.

As of now, the sole manufacturer of this Aadhar linking project is Samsung and it has been successful in implementing the Aadhar friendly technology within its smartphones, the only thing that needs to be checked out is the data encryption and authentication process. The Galaxy tab that has been launched recently comprises of the iris launcher to authenticate by your iris for authentication. The other companies like Apple and Microsoft has refused to comment on this statement as of now.

SL NO Concerning factors about the project Brief details
1. The OS used for developing the software Android (Google) or iOS (Apple)
2. Privacy and security issues Sending over fingerprint data and also the iris scan to the unidentified/unsecure networks can violate the privacy issues of an individual.
3. Creation of registered device The laptops that will be used for capturing biometric information will comprise of secure IP addresses and DNS servers that are untraceable, making it impossible for the hackers.
4. The business perspective With the increased sale of smartphones, the handsets that offer such facility will become attractive to the customer.
5. The security code UIDAI encryption code will be the identification factor that makes sure that any individual is a genuine card holder which connects his/her Aadhar servers.

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