Jan 202017

Aadhar card for police report

An Aadhar card is becoming increasingly common for carrying out all sorts of things in the country and this was predicted long ago. So if you still haven’t got your Aadhar card like many, then keep a tab on the website because it is going to be needed if you want to lodge a police complaint now.

Previously the Police used to collect your ID proof and Address proof now all of these being replaced by Aadhar card it has become easier for the police to handle all your complaints. Also it will become easier to track the details of the Aadhar card holder. Hence all the processes will move faster. For this reason soon it will become mandatory for you to have your Aadhar card to lodge a police complaint.

What is the opinion on this in general?

Let us find out what the experts have to say on this matter and what will the changes be if they are brought forth in this manner –

  • According to the authorities, this type of implementation will help the police bridge the gap between the people and themselves. A lot of enquiries will be curbed.
  • The director general of Police Mr. Praveen Dixit told the media, that this move would help the police have undisputed information about the complainant and it would help a lot of unnecessary steps from not being taken.
  • Not just this it would help the complainant get justice, told Dixit. He said that it would help the police better assist the individuals and see to it that their case reaches the rightful end.
  • This move has been pushed forward because according to the UIDAI records 99% of the people of the state have been covered under Aadhar. Hence it can be concluded that a maximum majority of the citizens have now been covered under Aadhar. Hence, identifying and recognizing their claims could become easier.

More about Aadhar

Is Aadhar the right equipment to judge the complainants with? This is the question hovering in all minds today but some of you do have the answer.

Aadhar was developed to bring forth a single, unified, identification and verification platform and criteria for all citizens. According to this rule the holders of Aadhar card will have to provide their correct place of residence and their correct name. This way the verification tool would help keep the databases on the person up to date.

We can say that it can replace the ID proof and Address proof in future. Earlier you needed separate ID proofs and address proofs now you just need your Aadhar card for the same. Since government processes require these two, Aadhar card is the best option for the police to check complainant credentials.

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