Apr 152017

Aadhar for getting on a plane 

The Govt. of India is looking forward to link the Aadhar with all the domestic flight bookings in the country very soon. The Aviation Ministry has approached IT giant Wipro to come up with a model to implement the idea of providing Aadhar based access to all the domestic fliers within the country. With this system getting developed, the flyers will have their biometrics registered with the Airlines dept. whenever they fly within the country, with the help of Aadhar linking. In another two months, Wipro is expected to come up with its Aadhar linking model.

Aadhar for getting on a plane

This initiative is also helpful to know the all the customers in details and have their personal and biometric information stored.

Salient features of the project:

  • The Aviation Ministry wants to allow biometric access to all the domestic fliers at all the airports throughout the country.
  • This will be helpful to store all the biometric details, personal and demographic information of every airport user with the help of Aadhar card. The Aadhar details can be used to keep track of frequent fliers also.
  • More than 1.31 billion citizens of India have Aadhar cards which is one of the most used documents in every field now a day. So linking it with domestic flying will have no hurdle as such.
  • The annual expenditure of the fliers on air travel can also be calculated and the same may be verified with their IT returns. The Govt. has already made Aadhar card mandatory for IT returns in the country.
  • The developing team – Wipro will have consultations with all the stakeholders such as airlines, airport officials, passengers, etc. before coming up with a robust system for Aadhar linking.

Flyers to go through the Aadhar verification process at airports soon

Till now, those who avail international flights need to show their identity cards along with their purchased tickets for an entry to the airport terminals and check in. With the implementation of Aadhar linking, the flyers will just have to provide their thumb print on the biometric readers installed I the airport gates. After verification of thumbprint with the Aadhar details stored in the central database, the flyers will have easy access to the airport. This would be very effortless experience for both the commuters and the airport officials. Also the Aviation ministry is looking forward to make Aadhar card mandatory for flight ticket booking. At present, only few airline operators ask the flyers for their Aadhar no. which is totally optional. Those Indians who are international fliers will need their passports being linked with Aadhar card.

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