Aadhar Payment App “Aadhar Pay” – Digital Transaction App for Merchants


Aadhar Payment App “Aadhar Pay” – Digital Transaction App for Merchants

Few weeks before, our honorable PM of India, Mr. Modi has introduced new and advanced Aadhaar payment app which will make your digital payments safe and quick. This new application with the exclusive features will make your online money transaction simpler and also easier with the higher amount of safety.

Aadhar Payment App “Aadhar Pay”

This exclusive application is compatible with all versions of your Android smart phones and tablets. It is going to be launched on 25th of December in 2016. With the help of this application, one can able to eliminate the fee payments for the different service providers like the credit or debit card companies such as Visa or Mastercard.

By this way, central government has given the affordable choice of digital payments to all types of merchants even they are living in the remote villages. Everything you need to have is the Android mobile device with the good running condition.

How does Aadhaar payment app work?

Each and every merchant should need to download this cashless merchant Aadhaar app on your smart phone which is connected to the biometric reader. Then, the users should need to feed your exact and valuable Aadhaar number into this application and have to select the bank for your easy and quick money transaction.

Through the biometric scan, one can able to give the secret password for the online transaction to be authenticated. The individuals can make use of this application to make your payments without using any mobile phone. It is said by the Mr. Ajay the CEO of the UIDAI. According to the recent survey, around 40 Crore Aadhaar numbers have been linked to the bank accounts.

In addition, the central government aims to link all the Aadhaar numbers with the appropriate bank accounts by the March month of 2017. The Indian government and also several regulator & payments companies are working together for ensuring that the target of making the digital payments will surely reach each and every person across the nation.

Specialties of this Aadhaar payment app:

  • As it is the consumer app which can be just accessed from your mobile wallet, it can be easily linked with your Aadhaar card and offers more security to your transactions.
  • For making the quick online money transactions for any of your purchases, this upcoming launched Aadhaar based payment app would be handy and make payment process an easy in online.
  • The major part of this government payment application through the Aadhaar number is the merchant app, under this payment app all type of merchant can get afford with various benefits which are not offered in any other payment application.
  • By this way, it is not necessary to install this application on your phone to make your certain payments. The users can make all kinds of their payments right now in the different mobile wallets like the existing application launched by private companies.

The IDFC bank with the national payments corporation of India and UIDAI has actually developed this excellent money transaction app which is going to be launched on this Sunday December 25 at the national level. Everyone should need to make use of this new technological app to make every transaction quick and safe from your mobile wallets.

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