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In this article we are going to talk about aadhar card for OCI and POI. A person of Indian origin (PIO) or an overseas citizen of India (OCI) it is very useful to obtain aadhar card issued free of charge by Government of India. The application procedure for persons covered by these two categories is same as that for citizens of India who are living in India. Therefore, both persons of Indian origin and overseas citizens of India need to appear in person in an aadhar enrolment center in order to register themselves for obtaining the card.

Yes there is no online process by which and OCI and POI can apply for aadhar card. They need to come to India and be present in the center physically.

Process for aadhar card for OCI or POI

  • First you need to find the nearest center when you will come to India.
  • You can take the appointment online with the date and the details to take appointment online is present in our article apply aadhar card online
  • When they arrive in the center they also need to bring their identification proofs and proofs for addresses.
  • Also, they need to subject themselves to take a photograph, finger prints and an iris scan.
  • Once the procedure is complete they could check if the details are recorded correct when filling the application by viewing the details once again.
  • It is a must for them to get their registered numbers sent to the addresses they have provided. Remember that the address can be of foreign.
  • Please note that phone number should be of India only and keep the number on till you get everything details related to aadhar card.

The aadhar cards of both PIOs and OCIs will be sent to their addresses by post within three months. The status of the aadhar application can be checked conveniently at the website of UIDAI ( Unique identification Authority of India. Visit our article on how to check status of aadhar card online. If the card is ready and they have not received it they have the option to download the form for obtaining their e-aadhar cards and fill them in order to get them. You can check the process on how to download e-aadhar card online..

When they fill the application form and upload them they will get their one time passwords. When that is entered in the relevant field they will get the links to download their e-aadhar cards. It is also necessary to provide the mobile number of each person in the process. By fulfilling all the mentioned steps, you will be able to complete the application for Aadhar and your card will arrive in two or three months.

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