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Aspirants can take SSC exams without Aadhaar

Hyderabad, December 1, 2015, It is a great sign of relief for the parents and SSC aspirants when the government announced that it is not mandatory to submit Aadhaar details to write the SSC examination. Moreover, the school management has started taking breathe happily, since Aadhar card was a major concern until yesterday not only for the management, but also for the aspirants. Many of the aspirants do not have Aadhar card, as a result of which they are not actually supposed to attempt the exam, but with the announcement it has relieved many students from the stress of Aadhaar card.

The State Secondary Education Board declared on last Monday that it is mandatory to carry Aadhaar proof to attempt the SSC examination, but this was eventually revoked. The department of SSC board told that, this act was upon the instructions given by the center. The Indian Ministry of Communication and IT & Electronics and IT have started pulling out the Aadhar details of the children in the age group of 5 to 17 years. To ensure that all the students have Aadhar card, the school education department has established 10 UIDAI centers in each district across India, to get the student registered for Aadhar.

Moreover, the State Education Department on 28TH November declared that aadhaar card is mandatory to write the SSC examination and asked every school management to submit the details of the candidates who are writing the SSC examination along with their Aadhar card number and submit on or before December 2nd. Many school management where frantic on this latest rule, since many of their students do not have aadhar. This year six lakh students are writing the SSC examination out of which 1.5 lakh aspirants do not have the aadhar card. Indeed, this has put the all the school management in a dire situation. The school managements have clearly told the government that it is quite impossible to issue aadhar cards to all the candidates on or before the specified date.  Moreover, parents have even argued that, the Supreme Court has already told that Aadhaar card is not an important document. However, eventually, the government has withdrawn their rule of having an Aadhaar card for writing the SSC examination. Now, parents, aspirants and school management are relaxed.

Now, the aspirant can completely focus on the preparation of SSC examination and aim to score high.

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