Aug 262016

Aadhar Based Instant e-KYC Verification for SIM Cards Approved

In traditionally you can buy the SIM card with the help of the Aadhar card but imagine without bring the Aadhar card to the mobile show room then how can you buy the SIM card. But now a day you can buy the SIM card without bring the Aadhar card to mobile show room.

Customers will go inside the mobile operator’s room and get the SIM card by give the Aadhar card and biometric details. Because the government has newly issued the e-KYC guidelines which mean you no need to bring the Aadhar card for all places. It is make the authentication and online process too faster and simple for people.

Aadhar Based Instant e-KYC Verification for SIM Cards Approved

The primary motive of the e-KYC guidelines was reducing your time to getting the SIM card.  In the e-KYC customers can get their Aadhar number and biometrics with the help of UIDAI. Because UIDAI will give the demographic details like name, Address, gender and date of birth along with your photo and digital signature which are far enough for e-kyc documents.

Number in Digits Aadhar Card 12
Details which Aadhar card stores Demographic and Biometric information along with photo
Is Aadhar card mandatory? No
Charges for Aadhar Enrolment Nil
Aadhar number never starts with 0 or 1
Aadhar Card Issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)

How to access the Aadhar enabled government service with the help of smart phones

The recent notification of DoT (Department of Telecommunication) says that there is a digitally signed e-KYC given by UIDAI. It is machine readable and possibly stored in your smart phone. You can also make use of this digitally signed e-KYC for further verification purpose.

The DoT notifications say that it will also really helpful to simply the verification and activation process at the same time it will provide the high security for stakeholders. But in the earlier the activation process take more than the 10 hours, but within an hour the activation process could finished.

Most of mobile companies start to plan the e-KYC solutions for their company and aircel also planning to start the e-KYC solutions within this week.

You can also get the –KYC solution in Vodafone because they stared the e-KYC solutions to secure and mobile process to verify the subscriber. For the customer instant activation means they get the better experience from the mobile show room and they also improve the quality of the sales.

What are the Process include in the SIM activation

  1. First, a customer has a printed copy of Aadhar form with the digitally signed e-KYC. This form has a photograph and Aadhar card to move towards the PoS counter. There is an authorized member in this country in order to verify himself using the scanned biometric data and Aadhar number. Once verification completed, the data will then be send to the UIDAI server.
  2. After receiving the data UIDAI will verify whether the agent has already registered with the Aadhar identity card. In the post verification they check the details of name, address, date of birth. Above information’s are transformed to Telco (licensee) in the digital forms and the encrypted forms along with the Aadhar card number.
  3. Once the counter verification is successfully completed from the Telco’s end then the data transformed to the UIDAI server. A customer Acquisition form will transform in the digital form to the PoS terminal. But the Customer Acquisition form will generate in the read only form and no one can’t edit the form. In additionally they provide the unique “e-KYC response code” and Aadhar number of the agent along with the date and time stamp. The date and time stamp denotes the time and date of the successful biometric authentication will be provided in the CAF form.
  4. The above all the process are repeated in the customer as well. They have to manually scan the finger print of data and have to provide the Aadhar number for verifying with the UIDAI server.
  5. The PoS terminal generates the CAF form which will later update the demographic details of the customers. After completion of all related processes, an authorized person will provide this CAF form to a customer.

Customer declaration to the network

With the help of digitally signed e-KYC, the customer will get a SIM card. Then, he/she has to tell that the details given in the UIDAI server was correct. You don’t need to put sign in the CAF form because it contains your biometric details. But the customer once again scan his fingerprint to the PoS terminal but this time UIDAI server will give the response either the operation is “success” or “fail”

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