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Aadhaar Card Mandatory to Buy Railway Tickets

It seems Indian Government is slowly augmenting the importance of the Aadhaar Card in the nation. First it was the LPG gas subsidy and PDS where people are required to link their Aadhaar Card and now it is the Railway ticketing system where Aadhaar Card will soon become a mandatory document. In a recent report the Railway Ministry concluded that from now onwards every traveller has to produce Aadhaar Card to book his/her tickets. This biometric identity card has a unique number and that number will be printed on the ticket from now onwards. The decision was taken to link the ticketing service to the database system.

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Aadhaar Card Mandatory to Buy Railway Tickets

Government has decided to use the card mandatorily to the Railway ticketing services and will make the Aadhaar important for the Railway journey. Aadhaar has been started to provide ID proof to those who don’t have any other form of ID cards like Voter ID, Passport of PAN. Currently a traveller does not need any photo ID proof to book their tickets for the journey. But during the journey they need at least one portable photo ID proof such as Voter ID, driving licence, PAN card, or Passport for verification. According to the new rules soon the passengers will need to produce the Aadhaar Card at the time of ticket booking as the unique number will be printed on the ticket.

Aadhaar Card Importance in Indian Railway

  • Railways always need a photo ID proof for the passenger verification. But the proof is needed only during the journey not at the time of booking a ticket. For now onwards Aadhaar might be required at the time of ticket booking as the railway ministry is making it mandatory.
  • Aadhaar Card will be important in Indian Railway as the authority has decided to print the unique Aadhaar number on the ticket itself. The aadhaar number is different for the different people. So for each person the ticket will be different and no fraudulent activity can take place.
  • Another important reason for making Aadhaar mandatory is to prevent forgery and impersonation during train journeys. As the Aadhaar is a unique biometric ID proof, it won’t allow anyone to impersonate.

Working Process

  • At the first phase, when the Aadhaar will be produced at the time of booking, the citizen will be able to get concessions like senior citizen, student, unemployed people, differently able or any other quotas. Railways have nearly 53 quotas in total for the concessions and by using Aadhaar card one can avail them easily.
  • In the second stage, the ticketing service will be linked to the Railway database for each passenger. From next time whenever they will be travelling all they need to do is produce the unique aadhaar number to the window or online ticket booking system and will get their tickets done in no time. The process is long and it will take 2 months.
How to proceed Aadhaar in Railways
Stage 1 Produce the Card during ticket booking and get concession for specific quota
Stage 2 (after 2 months) Produce the unique Aadhaar no. at ticket counter to get the tickets done for your next journey.

Purpose of This Decision

  • The purpose of taking such decision is to prevent the forgery and impersonation that take place more often these days. It is sometimes hard to identify who is impersonating and who is not. With this system now the chances of fake travelling can be lowering down.
  • Also the system will lead to more accurate data recording for each passenger. As the railway authority is keen to link the ticketing services to the database system for more accuracy and future assistance.

Why Government is Aware towards Aadhaar Card?

  • Aadhaar Card is one such ID proof that no one can fake. The card has unique number for each citizen; also it has biometric identities which are completely different from person to person. Government considers this ID proof as an authentic one.
  • The Card is issued to everyone even to those who don’t have any other form of ID proof. Children are also holding Aadhaar Card so it is a one single ID proof for any Indian citizen not only the adults of the nation.


As mentioned that the unique Aadhaar number helps to identify any passenger or citizen in the nation. The biggest benefit for the Railway is to save the revenue losses that Railways incur every now and then. As far as the government is concerned using Aadhaar Card makes things easier as the unique number can be easily linked to any database like banks or PDS or now Railways.


As per the government records 96% of the Indian citizens have already received Aadhaar. But somewhere the data is misleading as many people till today didn’t receive their cards even after receiving the card-generation confirmation message. If the Railway Ticketing service mandates Aadhaar lot of people will not be able to travel by train as they are yet to receive their Aadhaar Card hard copy.

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