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thus, there is no good reason why not knowing how to build a pergola should keep you from erecting one in your yard or garden. we have done all the hard work for you. all you have to do is assemble our kits, using our pergola instructions which take only a couple of hours.

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our pergola fits on an 8-ft. square, but it's easy to modify it to suit your site. cedar is our material of choice because it resists decay. leave it unfinished and let it gradually turn gray.

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get a free pergola plan and take our free e-course join 500 homeowners and receive our lesson plan on preparing to build your own pergola. please sign up with your email on the banner above or in the box below and take our survey. your responses help us to build our site.

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if you have an uncovered back patio but the sun is right on it, this pergola would do the trick. it stands on large legs that hold it in place. you then build the actual pergola design over your patio area. this would be a great way to have a nice outdoor eating area protected from extreme sunlight. build this pergola 9.

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the diy frugal pergola: your questions answered. this pergola is the heavyweight champion of my website. that still surprises me, as i thought it would not be very popular when i first conceived of the idea and built it. mostly i just wanted to try something different, and we were kind of broke. how long did it take you to build? the main

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getting started on how to build a pergola heres a summer project designed to keep you cooler on even the hottest of days. the classical columns support an overhead wooden lattice that works like a big shade tree, letting only a portion of the suns radiance shine through.

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how long will it take to build my pergola or gazebo? after you call our number to schedule installation, your pergola or gazebo will be delivered installed in 2-3 weeks. should i choose a pergola or gazebo?

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if youre using an experienced handyman or contractor, two people can build a pergola in a day or less. if youre an enthusiastic diyer, plan on up to two days. if your kit is larger, will be attached to your deck or house, or is in a space where youll need to dig footings, add in some additional time.

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a pergola is a design feature architecturally made to serve as both being functional and beautiful. these structures, typically made of aluminum, wood or vinyl can feature intricate or simple design elements which in the end produce shade and privacy - most commonly in the backyard. most pergolas today are built with aluminum because they require very minimal maintenance and look just like wood.

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a handsome addition to any outdoor space, a pergola is a strht forward build, and can be accomplished by a do-it-yourself homeowner on a single weekend. once you have established where the pergola is to be built, mark your first corner.

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how long does it take? the concrete patio slab will take five to seven days to cure. during this period, the slab must be kept wet at all times with garden sprinklers or a garden hose.

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at the ends of the marks, measure out 8 feet from the curved patio wall for this particular project only and mark the exact location for the two front columns. take exact measurements. you can use scrap pieces of the column as a template for the brick. you may decide to place the column on the center of the brick.