Oct 122016

Aadhar deadline approaches for Pune schools, but where are the machines?

The administrative body of the city of Pune, Maharashtra has already issued a notice regarding issuing of Aadhar cards to all the students who are studying in the city schools in the pre – primary and primary levels. However, the deadline to complete the big task has already been set by the Pune civic body looking after the job, which aims to fulfill the Aadhar process by 31st August, 2016. There is no work development at all and it might even take months to complete the task. The Aadhar cards will be prepared for school students of all those schools which are under the administration of the Pune Municipality. There are more than 1,200 primary schools in Pune and a total of 302 such primary schools are there under the municipal corporation.

Schools annoyed by this Aadhar decision

Almost all schools authorities including the parents are totally annoyed by the decision of the Pune Municipality to provide Aadhar cards to all the schools students of primary as well as pre – primary levels. According to them, Aadhar card is no help or will serve no benefit to their studies. At first, notice was circulated only for the primary level students, but later a separate notice revealed that the pre – primary level students must also need the Aadhar cards. The schools are irked by this PMC’s decision as the there is no provision of aiding of pre – primary level, hence there is no question of pre – primary school students getting benefited by the Aadhar scheme. Another valid argument is that in few years, the faces of most pre-primary students will change too and the now-clicked photographs used in Aadhar will not be recognizable.

Lacking manpower and technology

It is the task of the Pune Municipality’s education department to start the Aadhar card process and finish it before the scheduled deadline. However, the authorities are still unclear how to reach the target as there is an acute shortage of manpower and also there is the technology barrier. A total of 200 machines for Aadhar verification and issue of Aadhar cards are needed to complete the project. However, mere 10 such machines has been received by the authorities. So the entire work is stalled for now.

Some important statistics:

Sl. No. Fields Related information
1 Name of project Aadhar cards for primary and pre – primary school students.
2 Governing authority Pune Municipal Corporation
3 Total no. of primary schools in Pune 1,200 +
4 Total no. of primary schools targeted 302
5 Total no. of primary school students to get Aadhar cards 5 lakh approx.
6 Deadline for the project 31st August, 2016.

Some other problems of the school authorities

There are several reasons of the school authorities being not happy with the PMC’s decision to make Aadhar mandatory. As they are busy in finishing their syllabus, the Aadhar paper work is an added responsibility which they consider will yield no result at all. Last year also, there was a push for making Aadhar cards for all primary school students but the work is still pending. The schools have the responsibility to distribute the Aadhar applications and make affidavits for all the pre-primary students.

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