May 022015

DigiLocker- AADHAR card linked digital locker

The concept of DigiLocker might sound confusing. Consider it as a digital locker like an actual locker where you can put all of your documents in a safe place online. These documents are usually the scanned copies of the documents that need to be linked to AADHAR card. This DigiLocker usually comes with a key that is often your AADHAR card number.

This can be helpful for sharing the needed document. For example if you need to present some document such as your tax papers, then you can do so through this locker rather than presenting them physically. The all offices and procedures will accept these e-documents.

Storing the documents physically might be a tedious process. From birth certificate to PAN card, passport and other certificates are needed at various points of official procedures. In addition to this verifying all the documents time and again add to the workload of the government officials. Also for various procedures, people have to submit multiple copies of various documents.

Thus DigiLocker reduces this entire additional load over the government officials and the Indian citizens as well. It will further reduce the need of original documents. Also the citizens can now e-sign their documents. This will eventually reduce the need of authentication and verification of documents again and again.

DigiLocker is available for every citizen having AADHAR card. Through this you can access your documents anytime and anywhere. Follow the below instructions to register yourself to this sevice:

  • Click on the following link:
  • If you are new to this, you need to sign up. If you are already registered, sign in.
  • Enter your UID number in the field provided. Hit generate OTP.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the password in the required field.
  • After this e-KYC (know your customer) will be displayed.
  • Now you can upload your documents and certificates to the portal.
  • You can provide the link of the document to the requester or you can just open your account in the portal and get access to the document.

This government facility seems to be quite helpful to both the citizens and officials in coming future. Let’s see how far this service goes.

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