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Download Aadhar Card Online

In this article we are going to provide step by step process on how to download aadhar card online. It is good for you to obtain your aadhar card in order to facilitate identifying yourself anywhere in India for any purpose. Getting it is a simple process. You only need to visit one of the aadhar enrolment centers scattered throughout India. Obtaining aadhar card is a voluntary process but it conducted by the government of India. The use of aadhar card is increasing and in near future it would be considered as a unique identity for every Indian.

When you visit the aadhar center closest to your home you could obtain an application to apply for this card. Though you could get a form online you cannot apply for it online as your iris scan and the photograph need to be taken in the enrolment center. Once you make your application you will get your aadhar number by post. Your card will follow in 60 to 90 days.

In case your aadhar card doesn’t arrive within the specified time frame you have the option to check its status by visiting the website of UIDAI. Also, you have the option to go online and download aadhar card online.

Process to download aadhar card online

  • In order to download aadhar card online you need to go to the website of UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). You will see the below screen
  • download aadhar card online
  • Click on Get E-aadhaar button and you will be navigated to a form screen which will look like as below
  • aadhar card online form
  • A form will be there and you need to fill it. Your mobile number will be verified in the process. Please note that the mobile number should be same as what you had entered at the time of enrollment other wise you would not be able to download the form.
  • If the number is correct you need to enter “yes”. Otherwise say “No”.
  • Then you will get your one time password.
  • Enter it in the next field to get the link from which you could download aadhar card online easily.
  • In case you want to change your mobile number you could do so.

Note: – A lot of users have been asking this question “what is the password to open e aadhar card pdf file”. The password of e-addhar is your pin code.

The positive thing about aadhar is that it functions in the same way as compared to the original card obtained from Aadhar centre, so you don’t necessarily have to obtain it from aadhar centre. Please comment in case of any problem you face while following the process to download aadhar card online.

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