Jul 262016

Get legitimate e-Aadhar document for getting new phone connections

Recently, many news reporters has been commented the latest announcement of government that the Aadhar card can be used as a valid document for getting a new phone connection. This document can be considered as a genuine ID and address proof, so everyone should download the latest version of an Aadhar card from the internet and then used as a lawful identity.

e-Aadhar document for getting new phone connections

Actually, this announcement has been formulated by the Telecom Department in order to check the details of person like name, address, gender and DOB mentioned in the e-Aadhar letter. They check the details of both documents, whether they provide the same details or not. Once the authorized person from shops can declare the statement as the customer details given in the e-Aadhar letter has been matched with the info received from the UIDAI, then the customer will able to get the new connection in his mobile.

1 Aadhaar Card Issued and Maintained by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)
2 The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) founded by whom and when? Government of India in January 2009
3 Main Objective behind Aadhaar To Collect biometric and demographic data of residents across the nation
4 Speciality of Aadhaar Number Its unique and never starts with 0 or 1
5 Contact Details help@uidai.gov.in and  aadharcard@in.com
6 Number digits present in Aadhaar numbers 12 Digits
7 How much one needs to pay for getting Aadhaar Card? It’s completely Free
8 Number of Aadhaar Enrollment completed Around 100 Crore Aadhaar numbers has been issued upto 30April2016
9 How Authentication of Aadhaar processing? Currently it done via NIC (National Informatics Center)

In past, there is no other verification can be done like this for getting mobile connection. But today, this kind of legitimate process has been legally announced by the government sectors, so it is necessary to follow by everyone who needs the new connection for them.

Get your e-Aadhar cards now via online for availing new phone connection

The easiest ways to get Aadhaar e-letter is given below,

  • One of the best ways for those who not yet received Aadhar card, they can get the hard copy of the Aadhar card via the UIDAI website.
  • After the government announces the e-Aadhar letter, it will be enabled immediately online.
  • The customers need to download this letter online, who want to get the new mobile connection.
  • After submitting this letter, the operators can be done the verification process through online.

But still, this lawful announcing has been undergoing processes, because many network providers like Airtel, Tata Docomo, Idea and Vodafone do not accept this e-Aadhar letter as an ID or address proof for getting a new connection. After making a final decision by the government, the new announcement will be introduced again from the government and then it could be officially implemented among people. However, this information has a better relief for many people those who have not yet received the Aadhar card. Whatever the government announcement it might be, the Aadhar card is always necessary and a genuine document for people today. That e-letter might be helpful and useful for people in many situations, so everyone should get this hard copy of e-Aadhar to use as a perfect proof.

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