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Aadhar Enabled Smartphone Launch

Aadhar card is the most important user identification base in the country. With Aadhar card details all the verification processes become way easier. Capitalizing on this, a US based handset maker InFocus will soon launch a handset that will verify the Aadhar details.

What does “verify details” mean?

The InFocus handset that is soon to be launched will use the Iris scanner to scan your details. This way it will help in verifying your Aadhar card details. Basically, it will make it easier to scan if your details check out.

How will it do that?

  • It will use Iris’ superior image quality assessment technology. Along with that it will use the K7 generation algorithm to provide you with quality images.
  • Due to this high quality technology, false profiling will be eliminated. This means that you will not be falsely verified as someone else or anyone who is not an Aadhar card holder will not pass this test.
  • The smartphone will be embedded with algorithm that will capture an image and also generate the image in less than 2 seconds. It can do this with the help of the K7 technology.
  • This technology will also be able to capture the images under all conditions. This means that it will also be able to capture an image under direct sunlight with no hassle or error.

Will the data be secure?

Since this technology is coming from a foreign country and the Aadhar card details are sensitive information, it is a cause of worry. Will the data be secure? According to experts, the data will be secure because the company is using a UIDAI key encryption. This is being used right at the chip level which means that anyone apart from the Aadhar card user will not be able to view the details.

This also means that there will be zero leakage of information as the chip will not permit such a leakage.

But what is the purpose of such a device?

It is a high class device and everything, but how does it affect me? It is natural to think this.

The idea is really simple – instead of using multiple devices for biometric identification, a single device can now be used for such identification. Also, this will take the government’s idea of accelerating Jan Dhan Aadhar Mobile forward.

Since it will have Aadhar card identification, here are the following things you will be able to do with it –

  • Open a new bank account: You can use eKYC or electronic KYC methods via this new identification device and open an account. You can also do banking via this device.
  • MNREGA payments: For those who aren’t aware the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act requires payments. You can do this via this phone now.
  • Cashless payments: You can use micro ATMs or carry out cashless payments via this phone now. If you want to pay merchants via online methods, you can do this via this app.
  • Government updates: you can carry out health care, education, taxation related transactions and processes. Areas where you need to carry out government Aadhar card, you can use this device.

Basically all the processes related to Aadhar card will b sped up via this new phone.

Availability and pricing

The price of this phone has been kept at Rs. 12000 approximately. It is expected to be launched in 2 to 3 months. In the first quarter of 2017 this phone will hit the market.

However it remains to be seen how far this phone will be successful given the prices and the features.

InFocus had launched a similar phone called Bingo M425 recently which was priced at Rs. 5749.But that phone did not have the Iris scanner technology. The previous phone did not make much of a buzz.

It remains to be seen if those who really need this phone can afford it.

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