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Govt to keep Aadhaar records for 7 years, prompts fears of surveillance

Government of India has announced that from now the government will keep a complete record of all the services that a person receives with the use of an Aadhaar card. This will be done for the coming seven year. Now this comes as a fear relating to the database that would be recorded might be used for surveillance.

Govt to keep Aadhaar records for 7 years, prompts fears of surveillance

Encryption Method Carried in Aadhaar Database PKI-2048 and AES-256 (Highest public key cryptography encryption)
De-Duplication of Aadhaar Details Carried by Application Software built by UIDAI
Aadhaar’s Core Policy Privacy by Design
Does UDIAI shares data with other agencies No

Detail about this new rule

Now under this new rule the UIDAI will be responsible for recording all the information relating to the benefits that people receive with the use of Aadhaar card. But then with the announcement, rumors started to arise, to clear which, the chief of UIDAI said that people are worrying unnecessarily and the data will be safely kept. He made it clear this record is being maintain in order to make sure that any further dispute of transaction can be solved easily.

It has been said that the details will be stored in online mode for a period of two year and in the offline mode for five years. The information will be open for users view only for a period of two years. But then the security agencies will be able view it for the complete seven years. But then for accessing the information one needs to take permission from the respective district judge. But it has also been said that in case of national security the joint secretary-level officers can access the information.

In a day five million Aadhaar card numbers are authenticated for availing LPG subsidy, cheap ration, passport, and many other facilities. So there can be a situation which can lead to a transaction misunderstanding. To solve any such problem it becomes essential to store the details of the transaction that is being done using the Aadhaar card number. This will be made the centralized system, to counter-terrorism agencies.

The fears that is arising

There is surely conflict on these information being stored for a period of seven long years. People are of the view that only certain extremely important files are stored for such a long period. Question is also being raised on why the access of the information is being restricted to the users after two years. Hearing these rumors Supreme Court has said that having an Aadhaar card is an option and individuals can choose not to avail the Aadhaar card related welfare schemes if they fear infringement of privacy.

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