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Filing and verifying ITR e verification E Verify Using Aadhar Card

Filing and verifying ITR is one of a task that takes place in every year by every individual. In the earlier days it was quite difficult for the people to file and verify ITR as they needed a lot of time to do each step manually. As we know that now things become much easier with online services there are few steps which will help one to file and verify their ITR easily. Lot of people think that they need a lawyer or CA or some financial officer to do so. But now if you hold an Aadhaar Card you will be able to do the needful easily. There are few steps that you need to follow:

Filing and verifying ITR e verification E Filing and verifying ITR e verification E Verify Using Aadhar Card Using Aadhar Card

Login to ITR Site

Go to the ITR website and click on the e-filing department. There you will need to login to the website with your unique ID and password. If you are a new user then you can create your account by clicking on the register button. Along with login ID and password you need to also enter your birth date and the captcha that is given in the dialogue box.

E-filing Returns/Forms

Once you are logged in to your account you will be redirected to your home page. Then go to My Account button and select e-filed returns option from the dropdown list and click on it. You will be redirected to the next page.

Pending for e-verification

In the next page you will get a button which will ask you to go to a list. The list will show you whatever files are pending for your e-verification. You will see a list of your non-verified ITR files on the page.


In the extreme right side of the list you will find the option e-verify. Click on the button for the year you want to e-verify.

Aadhaar OTP generation

Once you click on the e-verify button you will be redirected to a page where you can see three options for e-verification. If you have your EVC then choose option 1. If you want to generate your EVC than choose option 2 and if you want to generate Aadhar OTP then choose option 3. For Aadhar OTP you will first have to link your PAN with your Aadhaar card.

Link Aadhaar with PAN

To use Aadhaar for verification please choose option 3. You will be redirected to the page commanding you to link your PAN with your Aaadhar. There will be 6 steps shown on the page saying how to use your aadhaar for e-verification. At the end you will find a button that says Link Aadhaar. Click on the button and wait for some time. Please do not click on the cancel, refresh or back button.

E-Verification confirmation

Once you are successfully linked your Aadhaar and PAN you will be redirected to the page where you can find a confirmation message that says your e-verification is successfully done.

Download Acknowledgement

You can download the ITR acknowledgement by clicking on the download button. Save the file on your computer for reference. Your e-verification is now complete and no other steps are required.

Things to remember

  • If you want to e-verify more files then you need to repeat all these steps again for successful verification.
  • Do not press or click on cancel, back or refresh button at any page. It will discontinue the process and you may have to freshly login again to do the needful.
  • Make sure you enter correct information like your birth date and such. Entering wrong information can stop the process at any point of time.
  • Make sure that the registered mobile number and email address is correct and they are active. The EVC will be sent to your registered mobile number and email only.

Complete Process in Tabular form

Step 1 Login to e-filing website
Step 2 Choose e-filing/forms from account dropdown list
Step 3 Click on the pending for verification button
Step 4 Choose the year you want to e-verify and click on the e-verify button
Step 5 Choose option 3 for Aadhaar card linking
Step 6 Link you aadhaar with your PAN
Step 7 Receive confirmation of e-verification and download the Acknowledgement

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