Dec 192016

Show your Aadhaar Number and get treatment in AIIMS for free

The central government of India keen on making India digital in order to fulfill the dream of current Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi. In that list, the latest amendment is making the AIIMS registration process as digital.

Usage of Aadhaar Card in AIIMS

It has been announced that very soon, the AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science) will make some changes in the registration process for its patients. In order to make people towards the digital mode, the central government had few back push on the AIIMS administration.

With this new process users are supposed to provide their Aadhaar numbers for availing registration cards for getting treatments at AIIMS. Also, by providing their Aadhaar numbers they can able to get the benefit of no registration fee. Earlier, the registration fee for general public for registration is Rs.10 but now it has been increased to 10 times in order to drive people to submit their Aadhaar cards.

Benefits of Submitting Aadhaar card at AIIMS

  • By submitting Aadhaar numbers for registration, the AIIMS administration able to keep track their patient’s history along with their health care data. With the help of unique identification number, management can able to track their medical records in digital.
  • Also AIIMS plans to provide Unique Health Identification Number (UHID) for their patients which will be linked with their Aadhaar number. By doing so, the health records will be maintained properly and it can be portable without any hassle.
  • In addition to the digitization of registration process, AIIMS plans to introduce prepaid card system for its patients, where publics can pay up front for their treatment and able to use the card for all chargeable operations like scanning, bed facilities and so.
  • The prepaid card can be easily topped up at any time, also if any cash not been utilized with the prepaid card means the AIIMS administration will refund the extra amount at the time of patient’s discharge.
  • With this new plans of digital registration and prepaid card systems which are going to implemented from January of 2017, the AIIMS will functions as paperless and provide treatment with cashless mode.

Meanwhile, for people opt to not provide their Aadhaar number, they will be charged Rs.100. The main motive for this system is to train people towards cashless and unified health record maintenance.

While addressing this, AIIMS deputy director Mr. V Srinivas, added that there will 100 POS machines will be placed in all cash counters to promote cashless transfers. And people can pay via online by using the official site launched by AIIMS last year.

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