Mar 182015

Aadhar card from different location

Every resident of India have an Aadhar Card with unique 12 digit number which gives a proof of identity and/ or proof of address all over India. You can apply aadhar card from any center of Aadhaar card and give the proff of the other location.

If you are away from your home, you need not worry. You can just walk in any of the nearest Aadhar center. Demographic and Biometric information is collected to establish uniqueness of an individual. Hence Proof of Address (POA) and Proof of identity (POI) is collected.

For POA, you may submit any of the utility bills not older than 3 months, ration card etc.

For POI, you may submit your Voter ID card or Passport or Driving License etc.

Almost every city or town will have an enrolment center or the nearest major town will have it. So Aadhar card can be applied from anywhere in India. The process is same everywhere.

The entire system is getting simpler these days. The added service is that you no more need to stand in long queue and wait for your turn for the process. You can take an online appointment facility prior to reaching the Aadhar Center just with a mouse click. If an Aadhar card center near you doesn’t have such online appointment registration facility, you may walkin to the closest center without prior appointment.

You can also apply for Aadhar Card online. If you are personally visiting an enrolment center, do not forget to carry your POI and/or POA when you go to the center.

The process to apply for Aadhar Card anywhere in India is totally free. But remember to enrol only once. Enrolling again will not fetch you a different Aadhar number.

For any further details related to Aadhar card, you can scroll through the website

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