How to re-activate Aadhar card after deactivation


How to re-activate Aadhar card after deactivation

Aadhar card is now one of the top most documents for verification. In fact nowadays it is replacing the Voter ID card and PAN card rapidly to provide one’s ID. Linking Aadhar card details to bank is considered a healthy practice. But the thing most people don’t know is that the Aadhar card tends to become inactive if you don’t use it for three consecutive years. The UIDAI help line and the Aadhar enrollment officials have confirmed this. This is one of the reasons many people might have faced some issued with their Aadhar in the past. If not so, they will definitely feel this in the coming years.

Reasons of deactivation of Aadhaar card

If you do not use your Aadhar card for three consecutive years that is, if you do not link it to your bank account or PAN card or use it to carry out any transaction, then it will lapse. But even a simple act of using the Aadhar card to claim pension will keep it active. If you had received your Aadhar card a long time ago but did not use it much hence, it could become inactive. But don’t worry – there’s a way to check if your Aadhar card is valid right now or not. Just follow these simple steps –

  • Go to this webpage this is the official UIDAI website. Under the Aadhar Online Services at the very right you will find Aadhar Services with three links under it.
  • You have to click on the “Verify Aadhar Number” option. This will redirect you to another page. On this page you will have to enter your Aadhar card and captcha.
  • Once you click “verify” button at the bottom you will be redirected to a new page. On this new page if you find a green tick mark, then your Aadhar verification will be complete.

But what if it is inactive?

If however, in place of the green tick you find that there is a wrong symbol then that means that your Aadhar card is inactive. If the Aadhar card becomes inactive you have to visit the nearest enrollment center with all the documents that support your ID.

You have to once again fill out your Aadhar update form and your biometrics shall be taken once again. You have to pay Rs. 25 at the enrollment center for this. Once you do this, your Aadhar details shall once again be revived. However, in order for the new Aadhar details to match your biometrics should match. This means that if your fingerprints and iris match with the previous records your Aadhar status shall become active once again. However, make sure that you mention a valid mobile number during this process.

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