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How to report misuse of Aadhar authentication

Aadhar card is the most important card for the Indians at present. Through this card, one can verify their citizenship and open bank accounts and even carry out transactions now (thanks to the Aadhar payment app). Hence stealing of this card is almost equivalent to identity theft.

How can Aadhar authentication be misused?

First of all we have to understand that Aadhar card generates a random series of numbers which are given to the user. These numbers help to identify the user. There is a biometric system of identification. Hence, it cannot be possible that someone is stealing your actual identity. What is possible is that someone is misusing your Aadhar authentication for carrying out their own transactions. This is similar to debit card or credit card misuse.

What can you do if your Aadhar card is compromised?

  • The very first thing you should do is lodge an FIR. This goes even if you have lost your Aadhar card, or if you fear that it is getting misused already. Just visit your nearest police station and lodge the FIR.
  • Keep a copy of the FIR with you at all times. If you haven’t taken it right after, you can log in to the online portal of the police and download it from there.
  • If you have actually lost your Aadhar card before it begun to be misused, you have to publish notifications for the same on a local newspaper.
  • If you haven’t lost your Aadhar card but it is being misused, you have to immediately file a complaint on the web portal of Aadhar issuing authorities. You can also ask them to block your Aadhar card if you want to immediately stop all transactions through it.

Misuse of Aadhar card is actually a grave step and there are punishments one can face for it.

Here are things the user must know about Aadhar card usage

  • The UIDAI has specifically mentioned that all the details and the data are secure with the UIDAI. UIDAI is responsible for securing all the data and they have assured that there is no way that identity can be stolen.
  • However if you have to make transactions using the card then you have to share your details with third party – which is when data may be compromised.
  • But if it is noted that the third party has misused your details or they have stolen your details in any way, then it will fall under a punishable act and you can register your complaints regarding them in the format mentioned above.
  • This can be controlled by the following method: before giving the details of your Aadhar card to any organization, you will have to mention the reason why you are giving the details, in writing.
  • If the company or the organization is found using your details for any other purpose other than the ones mentioned by you in the paper, then they will be charged for the same.
  • The punishment for such acts as per law is Rs. 1 lakh fine and up to 3 years in Jail. If the accused has tampered with the CIDR details then they will be sentenced to 10 years in jail.
  • It is a given that the original user will always stay in the knowhow of how their Aadhar card details are being used. A third party can only get the details of your account if you are giving them the access to it. Hence, it is a good measure to be aware of the parties you share this information with.

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