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India ready to share Aadhaar data with other countries

India is now ready to share the details of its Aadhaar program data with other countries on request. The decision was taken unanimously and declared by former director general of UIDAI in Ranchi.

With 1.252 billion populations, India is the largest democracy in the world. The program of Aadhaar has managed to keep the identification process centralized for the world’s largest democracy. Considering that the number of people having passports and PAN card is abysmally low and varying, Aadhaar has emerged to be a reliable source for authentication.

Various government programs like MGNREGA are now linked to Aadhaar and hence access to them for the concerned has become all the time easier. By linking several social welfare schemes to Aadhaar based bank accounts, transparency has increased.

The present Telecom Administrative Power of India (Trai) administrator, Sharma, who was additionally one of the introductory personalities behind the Aadhaar program and headed UIDAI till 2013, said Center is interested in helping different nations on taking a shot at comparable activities. “We are occupied with sharing our advancement, which is right around 99.76% exact,” he said while participating with the understudies of Indian Foundation of Organization Ranchi (IIM-R) here. “Our Head overseer is excited about the prospect and needs it to be outsourced,” he included. The Jharkhand batch IAS officer who served as the chief secretary of state amid 2013-14, said the new innovation, which is world’s best computerized personality foundation, can possibly rule the advanced scene of the world in coming years.

The Aadhaar program, which has effectively included 93 crore citizens since its origin in 2009, will likewise assume control from private partnerships from controlling the identity, Sharma said. “Case in point, each online exchange we do is being controlled by Visa and MasterCard. We won’t permit that to happen here with our Aadhaar program,” he said, including that Aadhaar will turn into a stage for a few applications later on.

Conceding there are possibilities of non-Indian nationals acquiring UIN numbers due to its minimum necessities, Sharma said the very prerequisite of the innovation was to make a personality of individuals. “The Aadhaar card has been conceived to make an identity. It is not implied for validating the citizenship, position, statement of faith or religion of an individual,” he included.

Clarifying the proficiency of Aadhaar system to IIM-R students, Sharma said the database is intended to make one million verifications consistently. At present, the database confirms three million Aadhaar cards each day.

With right measures, Aadhaar could turn into the exact database for the Indian citizens improving the stringent systems and expanding introduction to different plans easily.

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