Nov 292016

The Aadhar campaign is going to attract individuals from 7 to 70

Well, frankly speaking, the Aadhar was not a really important identification factor even a few years back. But it seems, the present government has become really active about the implementation of the Aadhar card and Aadhar identifications. Already it has been announced that the mobile devices will be having the Aadhar identification systems, and also the online payments will be done through the same identification process. And this time, the government is taking up campaigns for the usage of Aadhar card. The UIDAI of India has been making preparations for launching catchy slogans, so that people get attracted to the usage of the Aadhar card.

The Aadhar campaign is going to attract individuals from 7 to 70

  • Some slogans

Some of the catchy slogans include “The sooner you secure Aadhar for your toddler, the better”, “In you youths they are going to open a world of benefits, and in their old age, open a world of benefits for them”. According to the data analysis, it has been found that, a huge number of adults are interested in making the Aadhar cards for themselves. But when it comes to their age old parents, they are not really interested in taking initiatives for their Aadhar cards. Even for their young children, a lot of people ignore the Aadhar cards.

  • The initiative of UIDAI

And this is why UIDAI shall be taking up the initiatives for impressing citizens that Aadhar has maximum benefits for these two sections of the society. The UIDAI is presently asking the states and central government to notify the schemes for these two sections of society that makes Aadhar card mandatory which highlights the need for all age groups. According to the reports, even one year ago, during any enrollments, it was found that only 2-3% of the enrolled were the children below 5 years of age. But at present, the numbers are changing. A rough estimation states, 25% toddlers and 35-40% children below 5-18 years of age are being brought for the Aadhar card. The primary focus of UIDAI is now for the 100% Aadhar saturation, among the adults and that too, within this month. Almost all the children will be covered by March 2017.

SL NO Facts to know Brief details
1. Focus of publicity campaign Educating people that a huge number of services like immunization of government hospitals and schools will be offered through Aadhar.
2. Additional benefits Pension benefits for senior citizens, life certificates
3. Numerical estimation 26 crore children already have Aadhar and 23 crore are left that will be completed by 2017
4. Leading state Haryana
5. How its done Linking Aadhar enrolment to birth registration after an infant is born

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