Aug 302016

Maharashtra: After Hiranandani racket, details of kidney donors to be linked with Aadhar cards

The Government has announced that from now the details of the kidney donors will be linked to the Aadhar card of the donors. The main objective of making this rule is to bring about transparency in the kidney donation process in the country.

Some unknown facts of organ donation in India

Number of People die due to unavailability of Organs per year Approximately 500,000
Number of patients looking for kidney transplant About 150,000, but only 5000 people able to receive kidney for transplantation.
Number of People looks for eye transplant 1,000,000 Lakh
Organ mostly transplanted in India Kidney, About 75% on total organ transplantation

Impact of Hiranandani racket

Recently there was a bust of an alleged kidney transplantation racket in a Mumbai based hospital named Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital. Keeping this in mind the Health Minister Deepak Sawant said that a meeting has been held where it has been discussed that a special committee will be set up that will focus on bringing up transparency in the kidney transplantation process in the country. He said that the first step towards bringing in transparency would be by linking Aadhar card with the kidney donor’s details. This will curb any cheating or malpractices relating to kidney transplantation.

Health Minister’s Visit

The Health Minister visited many government hospitals in the district and said that soon there will be a meet held to discuss the issues faced by the hospitals and the patients. The discussion would include matters such as shortage of medical staff, doctors and medical facilities. He said that measures will be taken to solve such matters and establish a better medical system in the country.

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