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In order to get subsidy under the new DBTL Pahal LPG subsidy scheme, we all have to link our Aadhar card with LPG Consumer number and with the bank account.  There is however, a different process for those who do not have an Aadhar card, which we are not going to discuss in this article.  Below mentioned are the list of documents and processes required for linking your Aadhar card to your HDFC bank account using online and offline modes.

Linking Aadhar card with HDFC account using offline mode to Avail LPG Subsidy

Linking your Aadhar card to your HDFC account would primarily require you to visit your branch with the following documents:

  • Bank Passbook or Account number for details
  • A photocopy and original of Aadhar card
  • Duly filled application form downloaded from provider’s website or collected directly from the provider.

Following are the broad processes that you need to follow in order to link your Aadhar to HDFC bank account:

  • Fill the applicable form in the right format with accurate information. It would ask for your Aadhar number and bank details.
  • Take a photocopy and original of your Aadhar card along with the application form.
  • Walk into your home branch and meet the concerned official.
  • Submit the documents and show your original Aadhar card to the bank official for cross checking.
  • The bank official would collect the documents and you would be notified once the linking is done.

Linking Aadhar card with HDFC bank using online method for Pahal LPG Subsidy

The linking process using online mode is much more convenient and time saving that the offline mode.  All your need to have in order to link your Aadhar to HDFC bank account is Internet Banking and you can link your Aadhar at your own convenient using the following process:

Link Aadhaar Card to HDFC Account to Avail LPG Subsidy

  • Login to your online banking portal using your HDFC username and password
  • You would see an option saying, ‘Link your Aadhar Card Details’.
  • Simply click on that to open an online form that you have to fill with relevant and accurate information
  • Click on ‘Submit’ once you have filled in the form.
  • The linking is done from your end and you would be notified through email or SMS on your registered mobile number.

Apart from the above mentioned modes, it is noteworthy to mention that you can also check for processes and take help using social media like Facebook and Twitter and the bank itself will help you out with the process through their registered page.  Please mind that it is mandatory by the government to link your Aadhar number with your bank account to get Pahal DBTL LPG Subsidy on your LPG connection.  It is better to do it sooner, if you have not yet done to avail the subsidy benefits.

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