Link Aadhaar With Mutual Funds


Link Aadhaar With Mutual Funds

After PAN, now the Mutual Fund Investment portfolios are to be linked with the Aadhaar number. The Securities and Exchange Board of India has declared the recent amendment under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2005 about this aadhaar linkage rule. According to this recent amendment from now onwards it is mandatory to link aadhaar of the customer to their respective mutual fund portfolios. The agents of the investment organisations are already being ordered by SEBI to do that as soon as possible.

For existing as well as new investors for mutual funds the aadhaar linkage is mandatory. Without the linkage the person would not be able to handle their mutual fund accounts at any point of time.


The last date for the aadhaar linkage with mutual fund accounts is set on 31 Dec 2017. By that date all the existing as well as new investors will have to link their aadhaar number with the mutual fund accounts. According to the guidelines of SEBI the R&T registrars and agents must inform their customers to link their account as soon as possible.

Also the PMLA has started an online portal that will be helpful to link aadhaar with MF accounts through online registration. Their official website has the URL through which one can link their account with aadhaar.


  • According to the PMLA amendment the decision has been taken to prevent the money laundering in the system. Money laundering is not an unknown concept for financial authorities. Many people inject black money through MF accounts and other investment accounts to show it as white in final auditing. To prevent this corruption SEBI has given a nod to the decision.
  • From now onwards customers have to submit e-KYC to the agents to handle their respective accounts. Aadhaar will be a mandatory document for submitting e-KYC. Once aadhaar will be linked with MF accounts, it will be much easier to track down the money as well as the investor and his/her whereabouts.
  • By doing such thing the client will also authorise the CMAS or the agent to seed to maintain Know-Your-Customer (KYC) for the companies. Under the PMLA rules and UIDAI guidelines the authorisation will be given to the agents after linking the aadhaar with MF accounts.

PMLA Rules

  1. If the individual carries aadhaar card will have to submit a) PAN or Form number 60 b) Aadhaar Card. The individual has to be eligible to enrol for aadhaar card.
  2. If the individual does not have aadhaar card then he has to perform all the steps to enroll for the aadhaar number. Till then PAN can be submitted. If there is no PAN, then any official document as address and income proof can be submitted.
  3. If the person or individual is not eligible for enrolling for aadhaar card, then he / she can submit PAN or Form number 60 as the income proof of the person, as per the sub-rule (1) under Income Tax Act.
  4. If the individual is not submitting PAN or Aadhaar and also not eligible for enrolling for aadhaar in any situation, then the individual can submit any official document as their identity proof, address proof and income proof.

How to Link Aadhaar with Mutual Fund Portfolio

There are few steps that can be followed to link the aadhaar with Mutual Fund Accounts online. The official website of CMAS aka Computer Age Management Services has the URL for the linking facility. The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of CMAS or click in to the following link You will be redirected to the home page of the website.
  • Step 2: Find and click on the tab ‘Investor Services’ on the top of the home page. Then click on the ‘Link your Aadhaar’ tab on the left option list on your computer screen.
  • Step 3: Once you click on the tab, you will be redirected to the main page where you can link your aadhaar with your account. You will get 4 empty boxes where you have to enter your E-mail ID, Aadhaar Number, PAN and Mobile Number. All the fields are mandatory. Click on the submit button once you finish entering the details.
  • Step 4: Once you enter the PAN and other details the page will automatically show you the major agency houses like ICICI, Birla Sun Life, UTI Mutual Fund and so on. Select the one you have your account with and proceed further.
  • Step 5: Once you have entered your registered mobile number and email ID an auto-generated One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile number. Enter that OTP in the proper text box given in the page.
  • Step 6: An acknowledgement letter will be sent to the client’s email ID from UIDAI stating that the registration process has been finished. Gradually the linkage will take place.

Agents’ Role and Permission

The agents (CMAS) will be authorised to share the aadhaar details and other details of the individual with the Central KYC Registry, SEBI-authorised other agents and other KYC and KRA agencies wherever is needed or applicable.


People can check for any details on the official website of CMAS. For more details clients can look up to the frequently asked questions page on the link

Aadhaar is mandatory in almost everywhere these days. First it was in commercial bank accounts, then Income Tax department and now it is applicable for Mutual Fund Accounts as well. By linking aadhaar with every financial institution / accounts it will be easier to track any individual, tax payer or investor by the authority. The official implementation for linking Aadhaar with MF accounts hasn’t been started yet but soon it will start the operation nationwide.

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