Apr 302015

In this article we are providing details on how to link aadhar card to Voter ID card. After a large-scale project of linking AADHAR card to LPG connection, government has come up with an attempt of AADHAR card link to voter Id card. Unlike previous one, this AADHAR seeding 2.0 is made better more convenient and better in more than one ways.

Link Aadhar card to Voter ID card

This project has been started under the name National Electoral Roll Purification and Authentication program (NERPAP). In recent decade, the issue of fake voters is on rise. This drive is supposed to help election commission for making the election process error-free. Link AADHAR cards to Voter id will help in linking voter ids with biometrics of the respective persons. Thus it will eventually lower down the probability of fake identities in elections.

Link AADHAR card to Voter Id card

This exercise will further help in digitizing the elections and linking the contact details such as mobile number or email id with voter card. The last date for doing so has been announced to be July 31st, 2015. The idea of AADHAR card came from the concept of Social Security number (USA) and thus the government is doing its best to make AADHAR card like the SSN in USA.

There are various modes through which you can link your AADHAR card to Voter card. You can do it through Internet, SMS or through call centers.

Link AADHAR card to Voter Id card Through Internet:

  1. Click on the following link: http://electoralsearch.in
  2. This is a link to the National voters’ service portal.
  3. Enter the details as per what is asked in the respective fields.
  4. Select search.
  5. If your record is available, it will reflect your EPIC number/ Voter id number.
  6. Along with that the option of feeding AADHAR card number is found there.
  7. Click on that option. A pop-up window will appear.
  8. Enter the details in the fields. The EPIC number will already be there. You must fill AADHAR card number, mobile number and email id before hitting submit.
  9. After pressing Submit, a pop- up message will appear suggesting successful registration.
  10. Below is the screenshot of the epic ID seeding with aadhar card

link aadhar card to voter epic ID seeding

Link AADHAR card to Voter Id card Through SMS

In order to link your voter id card to AADHAR card, you nee to send the following SMS:

ECILINK<Space>EPIC_Number<Space>Aadhar Number

Send this sms on 51969 or 166. SMS charges will apply.

Link AADHAR card to Voter Id card Through Call Center

You can also perform the linking process by calling on 1950 through your landline or any mobile number. The call center executive will ask for your voter id number and aadhar number. The executive will do the job on your behalf. But you can only call between 10 AM to 5PM.

Other than the above options, various camps will be organized at polling booths, e-Seva Kendra etc. A Booth Level Officer may visit you to collect the details.

Currently no option is available to check for the status of the linking process. So in order to confirm, you have to go through the whole procedures stated above. If your voter card is linked to your Aadhar card, a message of confirmation will be displayed or else a message showing the request is under process will be displayed.

Voter ID card link to aadhar facility is present in below states

  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Telangana
  • Andra Pradesh

This facility will cover all the major cities  in future

Bhopal Gwalior Chennai
Indore Jabalpur Pune
Hyderabad Sagar Ahemdabad
Bangalore Mumbai Vijaywada
Delhi Kolkata Gurgaon


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