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Link Aadhar card with CGHS cards

The central govt. is keen to link the Aadhar cards of the citizens of the country with various other cards like voter’s identity card, PAN card, ration card, passport, etc so that to maximize the range of benefits provided by the Govt. for the beneficiaries. So it has also decided to link the same Aadhar card with the health cards issued by the Central Govt., namely the CGHS cards. This linking of Aadhar card with the CGHS card will result in fast access of the Govt. e – services and will be efficient for the beneficiaries to get their medical benefits under health scheme by the central govt.

Link Aadhar card with CGHS cards

Procedure to link Aadhar card with CGHS card

The members of the CGHS can easily link their Aadhar cards with the CGHS cards by their own, through the internet. They will have to open the home page of the CGHS – and go to the ‘Beneficiary Login’ tab. Here one will have to enter the Login ID and password to get access to the CGHS account. Then there is an option called ‘Update Aadhar Number which is to be selected. Then one can enter the Aadhar numbers of the members of the beneficiaries under the CGHS one by one and then save the data by clicking ‘SAVE’. Thus, the linking of Aadhar card with CGHS will be successful.

Why there is a need of linking the Aadhar card with CGHS card?

As of now, the members of the central govt. health scheme get the health scheme services only through their CGHS cards when there is a medical emergency. The CGHS provides health insurance facilities to all the central govt. employees who are currently working and all the retired central govt. employees also. But, there is an alarming growth of malpractices in the system of insurance scheme and there have been several cases of wrong utilization of the benefits given by the CGHS, to its beneficiaries. So to stop the wrong utilization of the health benefit and to develop the quality of the services provided by the central govt. to its employees in form of CGHS cards, there is a need of linking the Aadhar cards.

How the beneficiaries will get more benefit by linking Aadhar card with CGHS card?

On linking each account of the registered CGHS with Aadhar card, there will be transparency brought in the system. The Aadhar number which comes along the Aadhar card is a unique number provided by the Govt. to the citizens so that to allow them to get more govt. benefits and services from the various govt. schemes. The e – services of the govt. needs to have unique database of their citizens so that the beneficiaries will get the benefits of the govt. schemes, more efficiently. So the Aadhar card which is a unique 12 digit card provided by the UDAI to its citizens will be used as a medium to better the health insurance and Mediclaim services given by the central govt. to its employees in form of CGHS.

Instances of Linking Aadhar card with other Govt. services

This linking of Aadhar card has become successful in the past, as the beneficiaries were being getting the benefits directly from the govt. The most successful Aadhar linking system is linking Aadhar with LPG connection where, the consumers will get the LPG subsidies in their bank accounts after linking their Aadhar cards. The main motive of linking Aadhar cards with the Govt. schemes and services is to maximize the range of benefits provided by the govt. to its citizens and to make the entire system transparent and easily accessible. There had been other projects of Aadhar card linking with Voter ID cards, passports, etc. So to make the Central Govt. health scheme more efficient and fruitful for the central govt. employees, it has decided to link it with the Aadhar card as soon as possible.

More about the Central Govt. Health Scheme (CGHS)

The CGHS is a unique health scheme offered by the central govt. in the country to all the employees working under the central govt. in several major cities. It is totally administered by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The CGHS was an initiative taken by the central govt. to provide health insurance and Mediclaim facilities to the employees who are working under the central govt. and also the retired pensioners. It was launched in the year 1954. Following are some details of CGHS:

Sl. No. Attributes Related Information
1 Name of health scheme Central Govt. Health Scheme
2 Year of launch 1954
3 Cities where the CGHS services are available Kolkata, Delhi, Allahabad, Chennai, Nagpur, Pune, Guwahati, Thiruvananthapuram, Patna, Kanpur, Lucknow, Jabalpur, Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad.
4 Who may avail the CGHS Central govt. employees and retired employees under the Civil Estimates, Members of the Parliament, Governors, Ex- governors, Vice Presidents, retired Vice Presidents, Judges and retired judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts, Freedom fighters along with all govt. undertaking public body employees.

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