Dec 082015

Centre rolls out project to link Aadhar card details with NPR data.

The Govt. of India has taken a major step in keeping database of all citizen of this nation. It started the Aadhar card project in 2009 under the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Aadhar card is a proof of identity which stores the name, address, picture, blood group and other information. Each Aadhar card has got its own unique identification (UID) number or commonly called the Aadhar number. UID number is a 12 digit number printed on the Aadhar card. Govt. has launched several schemes to link Aadhar card to voter ID, PAN card, passport, bank accounts, LPG connections. These measures are taken to strengthen the Public Distribution System and to bring the entire system under one network. Also the black marketing, frauds, etc. will be controlled as one person cannot have two Aadhar numbers.

link Aadhar card details with NPR data

Now centre has sanctioned a Rs. 951 crore project to link Aadhar numbers to National Population Register (NPR). This will update the current NPR database and correct it with the new Aadhar linked one. This project has been given a deadline of March 2016 according to sources of Home Ministry.

This project will be done by going door to door by the agents working under NPR. They will have the details of the 2011 census. They will cross check those details and check if that person still lives there or is alive or dead. People would be requested to produce Aadhar card to those agents. They will collect all those data and store them to the regional departments. Finally the NPR database will be updated accordingly. For those citizens who do not possess Aadhar cards, fresh work of Aadhar card processing would be carried away. So basically it is a virtual repeat of 2011 census.

The Govt. will take all major steps to avoid duplicity and control different agencies who are given the linking project, so that the expenditure does not cross the allotted one. Aadhar was just a process to givy identity to an individual. But NPR will register all the Indian nationals only. This linking will help to eradicate all the frauds and anomalies in the current system. It will be a major step to control illegal immigrations which is a major concern for India. This project will get all nationals, each having unique identity number under one database. This will support the missions of E- Governance and Digital India.

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