Aug 012017

Link NREGs account with Aadhaar Card

The central government has announced the implementation of a new drive for NREGS (National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme). Under the new scheme it is certain that the government aims to link all active workers with Aadhar card structure.

Date of Implementation

The central government plans to run the mega drive through organizing various campuses in different parts of the country starting from 25th July 2017. It is expected that these camps will be organized till 10th September 2017.

What is National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS)

  • The NREG scheme is aimed at linking Aadhar framework for all workers employed in the rural areas. The scheme will work in coordination with various financial institutions for organizing camps in rural areas.
  • Under the scheme all workers will be able to get linked to Aadhar services for their bank accounts.
  • Under the scheme it is certain that these workers can receive their payments directly in their bank accounts. This will further help prevent fund leakage for these workers.

What is leakage of funds?

  • It is certain that presently most active workers in the rural areas are not able to receive the right amount of money that should be paid to them for working.
  • After linking Aadhar Card with their bank account it is certain that the government can ensure that the right beneficiary gets full amount that he or she is deserving in their bank account.

Implementation Process

  • It is certain that the government aims to run the drive in most rural areas by organizing camps that will be run in coordination with rural development ministry and banking services.
  • To successfully make the implementation it is obvious that the rural development ministry has already coordinated with IBA (Indian Bank Association) to involve over 13 banks from the private sector.
  • A standard implementation procedure has also been provided by the government for banks and NREGS officials for providing workers with consent forms.
  • According to statements made government officials in NREGS have already managed to link 10.7 crore workers Aadhar card with their bank accounts which holds to 50 percent of the overall number of active workers.
  • The government has already managed to collect consent information from 85 percent active workers across the country.
  • The government also aims at tracking and eliminating fake NREGS job cards at the time of implementation. The government has tracked over 1.12 crore fake job cards and managed to delete them.
  • The government has also ensured that around 86 percent of payments have already been made to the right beneficiaries during the period April to July.
  • The government has also ensured the release of Rs 23,443 crore funds to help prevent delay payments to the right beneficiary.


NREGS scheme was launched in 2006 with an aim to offer employment benefits for rural workers. Under the scheme unskilled worker was offered with 100 days employment during one fiscal year after being registered. Due to fund leakage most job cards issued were fake. By linking these workers to Aadhar card structure it is certain that the government has taken a major step in reducing chances of fund leakage and delayed payments to the right beneficiary.

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