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Linking Aadhar card to Passport

The Govt. of India is thinking with an initiative to make a link between the Aadhar card and passports of every Indian nationals. The unique identification card (UID) named Aadhar card was launched in January 2009. It is kept under the central govt. agency named Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

Linking Aadhar card to Passport

Process to Link Aadhaar card with passports

The Govt. has also made passport verifications easier whenever Aadhar details are provided while applying for new passports. So if one links the Aadhar card with passport seva, one will get passport very easily within 10 days. However, this move is not mandatory one, but the Passport authorities have been pushing for Aadhar linking to new applicants as well as existing ones. To link Aadhar card to passport, one will have to select and submit the Aadhar card as one of the documents for proof of identity or DOB or address. They can also mention the 12 digit Aadhar no. in their passport application. Existing passport holders can go to the website for Aadhar linking.

The aim of Aadhar card is to collect all biometric and other details of the citizens of India. These details are stored in a central database. And a 12 digit unique identification number is issued to each citizen. According to the sources of the Planning Commission of India or commonly known as Niti Aayog, the Aadhar card project is the largest project in the world to give unique identity to each and every national of a country.

Aadhar card is used not only as a unique identity card, it is being used extensively by the govt. in Public Distribution System. Its extensive use is seen in giving kerosene and LPG cylinder subsidies to the masses.

Link Aadhar with Others

The govt. has been busy linking the Aadhar card to the bank accounts. Then the next step was to link aadhar card with the LPG connections. Before Aadhar card, LPG subsidies were given directly to the LPG customers. But now a das, this subsidy is transferred to the respective bank account of the consumer. All LPG cylinder companies like Indane, HP Gas, Bharat Gas, etc. were bought under one roof and directed to get their consumers linked with Aadhar card. By this, many illegal selling of LPG cylinders, having multiple connections in one name, black marketing, etc. were somehow taken in control up to an extent.

Then the project of linking Aadhar card and Voter card was started. This was done to check all frauds and discrepancies regarding voter cards. This campaign was called EPIC- Aadhar Seeding. This campaign was carried out by the National Voters Services Portal.

Another campaign was launched to link the Aadhar card to Passports of the Indian citizens. The govt. is trying its best to finish all frauds and malpractices in the system. By linking this unique identification card, it will be east to find out all biometric and other relevant details of a citizen. To have a maximum utilization of the collected information of the citizen and to stop duplication and other frauds, linking Aadhar card is believed to serve a lot. The Govt. has also promised to issue passport within 10 days if Aadhar card is submitted.

Once entire linking process of Aadhar card to other documents like passport, voter id, PAN card, bank account is done, there will be no need to produce documentations for each and every work. The entire process will be very easy and efficient.

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