Apr 282015

AADHAR card was launched with an idea of unique and single identification in all regions. Along with personal and demographic details, information such as bank account number and LPG connection number is also linked to the UID. This information has become mandatory in AADHAR card. Now-a-days, the process of linking Ration card to the AADHAR is on progress.

Linking Ration card with AADHAAR

This process has already been started in several states of India and will be started in other states such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Gujarat soon. Linking of Ration card can be done through online and offline mode as well.

The Ration Card Fraud in India was all over media in recent years. To overcome this problem, it was suggested to link the ration card to UID. For this an online system is being established.

Offline method of Linking Aadhar Card and ration card

If you are willing to link Ration card to AADHAR card, you just have to submit copies of both the cards to the FP shops.

Online method of Linking Aadhar Card and ration card

Right now, the online portals are under making and processing. Thus it may not be able to reach out for these portals. But you can get an online form that is required to be filled up for the linking process.

Once you get the application form, it has to filled appropriately with following steps:

  1. The application form will get opened in pdf format. View the document with adobe viewer.
  2. Fill the various fields with respective information.
  3. Fill up AADHAR card number, email id, mobile number and ration card details.
  4. An OTP will be sent to the entered contact number. Fill up that password.
  5. Upload appropriate documents supporting the identity, AADHAR card number and ration card.
  6. After verifying the entered details, click on submit button.

The officials will review your application form. Once the procedure is complete, you will be contacted and notified regarding the status of the process.

Soon the portals will be updated and the information will be available to the people.

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