Dec 122015

Making Aadhar card mandatory for Digital India schemes

The Govt. of India under Prime Ministers Shree Narendra Modi has launched a program called Digital India so that all Govt. services may be done electronically, all databases are stored at one place and widespread the use of internet network to the lengths and breadths of the country.

Digital India scheme will make India digitally literate, provide and connect the govt. services to people digitally and storing digital database of all citizens for easy access. Digital India scheme is under the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications. All services, be it in the field of education, employment, health, business, tourism, etc. will Be provided electronically and internet will be the main medium of data exchange between govt. and common citizen.

To make internet connectivity available in the entire country, all major public areas like railway stations, airports, parks, bus stops, schools and universities are planned to get wi-fi connection. The villages are supposed to get connected with broadband internet connectivity so that the village people no longer have to come to the urban areas for any requirement.

All govt. services are to be made online and user friendly so that people can get all benefits sitting at home and not doing any paper work or carrying documents each and every time. The central govt. has joined hands will the top IT companies to make this dream project a successful one. It has collaborated with Microsoft to provide internet broadband network in thousands of villages.

In September 2015, Mark Zuckerberg, who is the CEO of Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site visited India and supported the Digital India policy. The project to make all major railway stations wi-fi enabled was undertaken by Google. Prime Minister Modi has left no stones unturned to make the Digital India project successful by visiting all global major countries, promoting foreign investments to Indian markets, etc.

Now the need was there to secure all the data and database and protect it from malpractices and frauds. To make this, all govt. services under the Digital India project are planned to be connected to an unique identification number called Aadhar number. Till now Aadhar card has been linked to all major services like passport, LPG connection, PAN card, voter ID, bank accounts, etc. This step of making Aadhar card mandatory for all programmes related to Digital India will not only make e-governance easy to reach the citizens, but also it will be free from duplicity and frauds.

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