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Aadhar Mandatory to get EPS Benefits

A new decree from the Ministry of Labour and Employment states that you must have Aadhaar proof to receive pension payments and other benefits. This is all in accordance with the Employees Pension Scheme, 1995. You will have to provide your Aadhaar number for acceptance. You can also provide an enrollment ID if you have applied for a number but have not gotten it just yet.

Aadhar Mandatory to get EPS Benefits

You will need to take care of the enrollment process before 31st January 2017 if possible. You can also use the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation form to apply if you are unable to get to a properly certified enrollment centre. This is to provide you with support for getting pension payments.

What Documents Work Without An Aadhaar Number?

You may still get benefits under the EPS if you provide these documents. This is provided that you do not have an Aadhaar number or have not applied for it.

You will need the following:

  • Proof of identity from the EPFO with a Universal Account Number
  • An Aadhaar enrollment ID of a member that has it or a copy of a request that was made for enrollment
  • A copy of your voter ID card, PAN card, driviers’ licence or passport; other documents that have actually been specified by the Employees’ Provident Fund may also be provided

All of these documents are a necessity for ensuring you can qualify to get pension payments as needed. Still, the government does encourage people to use the Aadhaar system if possible. This especially comes amid how the system is easy for people to apply for when used right.

An officer that has been designated by the EPFO will review all of these documents as needed. A prompt response should be provided as soon as possible if you are accepted.

The Ministry of Labour and Employment stated that Aadhaar is to be used as a document proving one’s identity. This is to ensure that all transactions are taken care of properly and without hindrance. This also keeps people from having to provide far too many documents just to prove one’s identity.

The ministry will take care of additional arrangements as needed when the time is right. All members will be advised through the media about the needs for using the requirements for signing up and using Aadhaar. This is all for taking advantage of EPS benefits.

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