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Aadhar project shall be given a statutory backing (Government Schemes)

To be a registered government beneficiary, it is really essential to have an aadhar card because the UIN of an aadhar card offers you with permission of having all the government allotted opportunities, starting from LPG to PMJDY. A lot of applications for instance, the passports shall be granted within 10 days with the UID of aadhar card, the digital lockers, voter card linkings, monthly pensions, provident funds opening bank accounts and digital life certificate registration shall become a lot easier if the aadhar registration number can be shown. With the resetting dialogue on the aadhar Scheme that was stuck because of several issues on Supreme Court, it was finally declared that the present government shall offer statutory backing for aadhar UID scheme.

Aadhar project shall be given a statutory backing (Government Schemes)

This option has been taken up by the government for the benefit of the common people. Since a he number of people do possess the aadhar card in the present scenario, this will ensure that all government benefits are offered to individuals who deserve it. And this can be done through statutory backing of aadhar platform. The primary objective for offering statutory backing to aadhar project is to ensure that the public is being utilized for the welfare of poor and deserving without any form of leakage.

Reasons for statutory backing of aadhar UID scheme

There are certain reasons for the statutory backing of aadhar project by the government. They are as follows:

  • The JAM trinity, which comprises of the three schemes, the Jan Dhan Yojana, aadhar and Mobile, aimed for enhancing the financial access, shall be open. The government shall have more financial access to enhance the economic condition of our country.
  • With the statutory backing of the aadhar card there shall be a new bill for the targeted delivery of the different subsidies, benefits and many other services that are carried out through the aadhar card.
  • The statutory status shall offer the expansion of Aaadhar usage for a wide variety of developmental purposes, which are withheld till date. The consolidated fund of India shall process all the benefits and subsidies through Aaadhar platform and that’s why, a statutory backing is essential.

The issues with statutory backing of UID scheme

  • The validity of UID scheme is still pending because the Supreme Court needs to scrutinize whether the UID scheme is going to violate the privacy of individuals. It is essential to comprehend whether India has a complete fundamental right to privacy.
  • According to the critics, the UID scheme violates the basic and fundamental right of an individual for privacy. The law for validating the UID scheme and bring it within the clear regulatory mechanism can definitely allay questions that are raised by critics, but it can be stated that in practice it shall not have a huge difference.
  • The reason it won’t make a big difference is, theoretically this law allays critics, but in practicality there would still be flaws within the UID scheme. The government is initiating a statutory backing. With a mere statutory backing, you cannot seek an answer for a constitutional question.

The major question

Now the primary question before Supreme Court is whether the constitution makes it mandatory for individuals to have a right to privacy. On the other hand, some critics are of the opinion that, it will be a better idea to make amendments within the constitution for permitting the UID scheme of Aaadhar.

A bill shall be introduced at first and then a social security platform shall be developed through the Aaadhar to accurately target beneficiaries. This will be a beneficial part for the poor and needy. The government has cleared its decision of statutory backing of UID scheme for Aaadhar, but the final decision rests on the Supreme Court.

A tabular overview of different factors of UID scheme

SL NO Reasons for the government to offer statutory status The issues
1. The JAM trinity, consisting Jan Dhan Yojana, aadhar and Mobile, shall be opened up, more financial access can be made and economic stability shall be attained. The Supreme court still needs to ensure whether the validation of UID scheme violates a legal right for privacy of individuals.
2. With statutory backing, there shall be a new bill, so that the different subsidies, benefits and approvals can be conducted through Aaadhar Card. Though the UID scheme might violate the fundamental rights of individuals, but a lot of individuals are also of the opinion that it is not going to make a huge difference in reality.
3. With the statutory status, Aaadhar can be utilized for a wide variety of purposes and the consolidated fund shall process payments through Aaadhar. With a statutory backing there won’t be any violation of constitutional rights. A constitutional amendment is necessary for making the UID effective.

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