Aadhar Card made mandatory for vehicle registration in Telangana


Aadhar Card made mandatory for vehicle registration in Telangana

To register your old or new vehicle in the state of Telangana it is mandatory that you may have to provide with your Aadhar card number. The rule is now valid even for customers who want to purchase used car from any dealer.

Date of implementation in the state

According to the sources in RTA (Road and Transport Authority, Telangana state) it has already been announced that the new rule for providing with Aadhar details will be effective for vehicle owners 22nd August 2017.

Role of Aadhar Card for RTA

  • According to RTA, it is certain that old and new buyers and sellers who are looking around for transferring paper work for their used vehicles will have to furnish the details of their Valid Aadhar card.
  • It is also certain as stated by Mr. T Raghunath (Dy. Com. RTA, Telangana) that if any buyer or seller wants to get his new or used vehicle registered in the state under any category then he or she will also have to provide with the details of their valid Aadhar card.
  • If any applicant is willing to book slot on the official RTA website then it may not possible to book if the applicant does not provide with their Aadhar card details.
  • When booking your slot for availing the services of RTA online then applicants will also have to provide with their registered mobile number that is linked with their Aadhar card.

Process for booking slots on RTA website using Aadhar card

  • To make the booking of slots on official RTA website you have to log on to the official RTA, Telangana website.
  • Once you are on the web portal, to book slots for availing RTA services you have to first provide with your valid Aadhar card number.
  • You may have to provide with your valid and registered mobile number that is linked to your Aadhar card.
  • A single time use password will be provided to applicant on their mobile phone that is registered with Aadhar number. The applicant will have to verify the same using the registered handset.
  • Applicant will have to type the verification code in the consent box provided and click ok.

Main aims of RTA for making Aadhar mandatory

  • By making Aadhar card mandatory in the state the RTA aims at collecting and maintaining the complete data base of vehicle users in the state. Presently there are over 10 lakh users who already own vehicles in the state.
  • This will also help RTA maintain data base of users who sell or purchase used vehicles.
  • When applicant use the Aadhar card details on the web portal then detailed information about the applicant will be maintained with the government that can be used as and when required.
  • By making Aadhar mandatory it is certain that RTA will also speed up the process of registration of both used and new vehicles.
  • This will help regulate the process of RTA registration for the vehicles in the state especially for vehicle owners who don’t register their vehicles.
  • Apart from this as RTA will be maintaining complete data base of vehicle owners so the data will also be shared with the state’s traffic police if need at the time of routine check for any traffic act violation.

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