Mar 052017

Microsoft Skype Lite To Use Aadhaar-Based Authentication Feature

The New Microsoft Skype Lite app was launched at the Microsoft Future Decoded event in Mumbai recently. This is designed for Android phones that are a little smaller or less powerful. This is expected to be very appealing to typical users but the biggest feature of this comes from an Aadhaar-based authentication system.

Microsoft had been talking with the Indian government about using Aadhaar authentication on its Skype app in the past. This new feature is a sign of the strong effort being used to make it easier for people to get their identities authenticated with ease.

The feature is expected to be available to all Android users around India in the future. The goal is to get as many people to use it as possible and to highlight the quality features the program has to offer.

How This Works

Microsoft Skype Lite works as an app that takes care of all the communication needs that a user might hold. A user can start this app up to quickly message and call other people. Skype can also help people to share information and data with other phone users all around India.

The program is also easy to log into thanks to the Aadhaar authentication system. A demo was given of this feature to show how well it can be used:

  • To start, a person can open the Microsoft Skype Lite app. The user will be led to a login page at this point.
  • The user can then use an Aadhaar number to log into one’s account. This would be based on the phone one has and is looking to access the app off of.
  • After this, the user can be authenticated. This will allow the user to access government services that allow the user to confirm one’s identity through Skype.
  • Those who are trying to sign in for the first time will have to use a PIN sent to their mobile numbers. The PIN can be entered into the app alongside the related Aadhaar number to confirm one’s identity.

After the Aadhaar number is confirmed, the user can get into one’s Skype account. This may be used for phone calls and for video chat among other things. This will especially be important as more people around India are getting their Aadhaar numbers so they can be properly listed. It may also work in cases like in job interviews or financial service applications where certain things have to be verified over a network through Skype.

Also, the Aadhaar number will be linked to the app based on the particular phone it is linked up to. This works well on phones that have been registered and have already gotten a certain number up on its account profile. This should not be much of a challenge to complete if used right.

Key Points About the App

There are many additional key points about the app that must be analyzed:

  • This is designed for use on low-level Android phones that don’t have as many features. It can work on ones that operate on 2G networks.
  • This is also made with less data than the standard Skype app. It is only 13 MB in size, thus ensuring that the app isn’t going to take up far too much space on the phone’s drive.
  • A data manager is included in the app. It keeps the phone app from using more mobile data than needed. It especially establishes limits based on the user’s available data usage needs.
  • Machine learning is used on this app to identify spam and promotional texts. As it finds keywords and other points about those messages, it will have an easier time with filtering out unwanted messages.
  • Bots are also used to find information on real-time events. They can be called upon to get real-time stock prices, weather information and more.
  • It will be available in English, Hindi and six other local languages. Support for additional languages is expected to be included in the near future.
  • Much of the information on one’s account can also be carried over to the main Skype app for use on larger and more powerful phones. In this case, the proper Aadhaar number will have to be entered into the app to actually get into one’s account.

This is all available for free on all devices. This makes for a simple approach to using Skype but it works even better when it is on smaller phones. The Google Play Store has the app available for download at this moment.

The use of the Aadhaar-based login system ensures that people who are aiming to use Microsoft Skype Lite will be protected. It keeps people from having their accounts hacked into. It also simplifies the process of signing in provided that it is done with the right phone.

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