Mobile Number (Post Paid and Pre Paid)


Mobile Number (Post Paid and Pre Paid)

The central government of India spoke with the Supreme Court about a plan for getting the Aadhaar system to become universal and supported all around the country. Much of this entails working with mobile phones and pre-paid recharge accounts around India. The government wants all mobile phones in the country to be linked within the Aadhaar database.

Government Wants All Mobile Phone and Pre-Paid Recharge Linked to Aadhaar

The court and government are aiming to get all mobile phones in the country to be linked with the Aadhaar database. The goal is to get all numbers linked up within a year. In addition, there are hopes that a plan will be set up to where Aadhaar-based KYC will be made each time a pre-paid user recharges a mobile phone.

Although the Aadhaar number is not required for getting government benefits, it is still easy to use. Therefore, the demand to get more people around India to use Aadhaar numbers has expanded. This all leads to the new move by the government to get people to register their numbers.

Confirming People

The key part of getting Aadhaar numbers linked to mobile numbers is to make it easier for identities to be confirmed. There have been problems in the past over mobile phones being used illegally. These entail people who have no Aadhaar numbers being linked to such phones. This makes it easier for many to use phones to carry our terror-related activities. They may also try and commit financial crimes and encourage fraud.

Many efforts have been used to try and stop the use of mobile phones for carrying out such actions. The non-profit Lokniti Foundation has filed a case to stop the use of phones for these actions. The Supreme Court and the central government are still aiming to go further. This is where the Aadhaar-related plan comes into play.

The Chief Justice of the country has since removed the Lokniti Foundation case. This was done with the belief that the government is doing enough to keep anti-social activities from taking place with phones.

Recharges Need Help

All mobile recharges will require Aadhaar KYC support. This is according to a new Supreme Court mandate. It states that when a person goes to recharge a pre-paid sim card and its number, an Aadhaar number will have to be used. This is to confirm the identity of who is getting the recharge.

This would work in a simple manner:

  • An Aadhaar e-KYC would be provided for all postpaid and prepaid customers. This would be provided at each time when a person gets a recharge order.
  • Anyone who asks for a recharge but is not linked to the Aadhaar system would have to fill out a proper form. This would sign the person up for an Aadhaar number. This would be required before that person has the right to use one’s phone again.
  • Biometric verification may also be offered. This could be used to link any biometric information one has linked to Aadhaar accounts with a number. This would be a more far-off option that would be implemented well into the future if actually approved.

Government Tracking

Regardless of what works, the government will be able to track and monitor all recharges that take place inside India. The recharges can be monitored through Aadhaar numbers. The simplicity of the Aadhaar system will improve upon how easy it can be for the government to keep tabs on all the Aadhaar numbers that it has to work with.

The confidentiality of the tracking process is expected to be tested. There will be a need to see that all people being monitored are reviewed cautiously and with extreme care.

What Problems Are There?

There are a few concerns that have come about with regards to the Aadhaar plans:

  • Those who do not have mobile numbers will have to get new Aadhaar numbers. This might make the registration process more complicated than needed.
  • Telecom service providers might have to put in their own efforts to help with getting people to register for new numbers. This might be complicated depending on the process being used by each telecom company.
  • There are also worries from the telecom industry about possible losses. This could be due to the added complications involved with getting numbers reserved and managed properly.
  • The government would have to find fake subscriptions and clear them out if needed. It may be difficult to try and find some of these numbers. This especially comes amid worries about how numbers are to be managed and read.

The plans from the central government and court to get Aadhaar numbers linked to mobile phones are expected to be extensive. This comes as there are about 100 crore mobile phone users around India. The efforts to get all numbers linked will be designed to work carefully so everyone is covered properly.


  1. As per news it will cost rs 100 crore to link all old mobile numbers with aadhar.

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