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Aadhaar must for senior citizen train ticket concession from April  

The current ruling NDA government has showing so much interest in implement strict rules and regulation over the India citizens in order to provide proper benefits to the needed poor people across the nation. One of the strong initiatives taken by the government is making mandatory of owning Aadhaar card for availing benefits and subsidies from the government, by doing so government believes that only needed people would able to enjoy the benefits.

Details about Aadhaar card being linked to railway ticketing

The Railway Minister has announced that the linking of the Aadhaar card to the ticketing system will be implemented in a two phased manner. The first phase will be from January 2017 till the 31-March-2017. In this phase the senior citizens will have an option of getting an Aadhaar verification done while booking a getting and opting for senior citizen concession. But from 1st of April it must to do Aadhaar verification while booking a senior citizen railway ticket.

This measure has been taken to make the ticketing system of this category more systematic and transparent and to avoid any false claims. So from the 1st of April the people who book railway tickets by availing the senior citizen concession will have to carry an Aadhaar card along with them.

The officials from the Railway department also said that by linking Aadhaar card verification with the ticketing system the whole process of verification will become easier and will also check the misuse of the facilities that is given to the senior citizens by the Indian Railways.

  • The officials from the Ministry also said that the linking of Aadhaar verification will also stop the agents from booking tickets with fake names in order to earn more money by selling he tickets at an increased price.
  • The process of authenticating Aadhaar details has been made simple so that people do not find it difficult. A person has to just log on to the IRCTC website and add their names in the Master List option.
  • People have to enter their name and other details while adding to the Master List. And need to select the ‘Senior Citizen Concession’ option and then provide your Aadhaar card number. By doing this you will add your name to the list and can therefore avail the senior citizen benefits.

The main objective of the Indian Railways is to provide services and facilities to the people and customers who are eligible for it. There have been a lot of cases that have been reported where the facilities have been misused by people and have resulted to the revenue losses for the Indian Railways.

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