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Opening A New Business? Get Aadhar Card First! 

Are you an emerging businessman? Do you call yourself an entrepreneur? Do you have any plans to open up a new business? If you have answered all these questions with a yes, you probably would need to hold on for a minute and revise your thoughts. Because, launching a new business is not as easy as it used to be. Worrying about revenues and investment plans, you have to worry about aadhar card as well. The government of India has made this card compulsory for anybody interested in launching a new business. If you are starting your new business and want to register it, get hold of aadhar card first. 

Opening A New Business Get Aadhar Card First

Udyog aadhar Explained!

The prime minister of India, PM Modi wants to make business registration processes easier for the common people, so more people can invest in the market. The PM laid stress to simplify the business registration procedures; this is why the Ministry of Micro, Small, & Medium Enterprises introduced this new plan.

On the 18th of September this year, Udyog aadhar was issued. You need to get this form if you are interested in launching a new business. Since then more than 800 new companies have been registered to this new program.

There is a little twist in the story. If you are a new entrepreneur and have dreams to launch your own business, you probably cannot fill up for this simplified form if you do not have aadhar card. Yes, on the first page of this form, it is mentioned clearly that you cannot proceed with registration further if you do not have an aadhar card. So get the card otherwise no new business for you. Now we are thinking hard. Is this card to facilitate the budding businesses or nipping them in the bud? Please rad this article for information to apply aadhar card online.

Government loves Aadhar card more than the Supreme Court orders 

It is hard to believe, but true –making aadhar card mandatory is direct violation of the Supreme Court orders. According to the court’s order, it is not compulsory for all the citizens to make aadhar card –simply it is voluntary. The Supreme Court clearly stated that getting aadhar card is not compulsory for the citizens. According to a legal expert, making aadhar card mandatory is violation of the court orders.

Difficulties in getting Aadhar card 

Getting your new business registered via aadhar card is not feasible nationwide. For instance, if you belong to the state where Unique Identification through aadhar card has just begun, you are going to face real difficulty in getting registration. People are facing difficulties in the states like Assam, because there are only 3 districts which are covered up till now. Different authorities have asked the central government to make the process easier –by considering PAN card instead of Aadhar card. Getting new business registered via aadhar card is not a bad idea if the other additional lengthy procedures are not there.

According to the new surveys, increased registration to aadhar card has given rise to online frauds. People who are less educated and want to start a new business can be easily trapped by scammers.

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